What Are RFID Solutions And Why Are They Important?

24 March 2017

RFID Solutions and Their Basic Components While the importance of the barcode is without doubt, it’s not the only asset management solution. Today, many businesses are making the move to RFID for their enterprise needs. RFID (radio frequency identification) solutions have become an increasingly appealing alternative to barcode technology. They can be used to generate […]

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The Expansion of RFID Solutions

16 March 2017

How RFID Solutions are Advancing with Technology and Expanding Across Industries RFID technology is mature technology which is being used in a variety of industries. With the evolution of technology, RFID solutions are able to meet the growing customer demands and company needs for efficient inventory management and operations. From retail to the automotive industry, […]

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Embracing Change with Enterprise Mobility

9 March 2017

Why Some Companies are Slow to Adopt Enterprise Mobility While BYOD Keeps Pushing Forward Although enterprise mobility improves business operations and productivity, especially with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) models in the workplace, some companies are slow to adopt enterprise mobility for their organizations. This hesitance is due to several factors, with change being the biggest one. For […]

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RFID Solutions for Replenishing Medical Prescriptions

2 March 2017

How RFID Technology Provides Efficient Solutions to Medical Prescription Replenishment in Hospitals RFID technology is in use in a variety of industries to improve efficiency by speeding up processing times and reducing errors. Medical prescription replenishment systems in hospitals are an excellent example of how RFID solutions can be used to benefit the health sector. […]

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Expanding Business with Barcodes

15 February 2017

How Barcodes Add Greater Security and Increase Competition for Products and Businesses Barcodes are an essential part of the global exports market. From product manufacture to being scanned by retail cashiers, barcodes are the most accurate and secure way to identify a product. Companies with large product inventories rely heavily on barcodes to keep track […]

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KOAMTAC Announces New iOS KTSync Keyboard Wedge Application for KDC Barcode Scanner and RFID Reader

13 February 2017

KOAMTAC Announces New iOS KTSync Keyboard Wedge Application for KDC Barcode Scanner and RFID Reader PRINCETON, NJ (PRWEB) AUGUST 11, 2015 KOAMTAC®, Inc. today announced the release of KTSync® for iOS, a keyboard wedge software for iOS® application. This will enable fast and reliable transmission of barcode and RFID data collected with the KDC® barcode scanner or […]

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5 Must-Haves for Efficient Delivery Mobile Apps

10 February 2017

A Look at The Five Top Mobile Device Features That Improve Mobile Apps For Delivery Services Due to efficient mobile app development for delivery services, delivery drivers use mobile devices for nearly every aspect of their job. Whether it’s a mobile phone or a tablet, these devices need to meet the many demands of the […]

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Enterprise Mobile Solutions for Workplace Security

23 January 2017

A Look at the Security Risks BYOD Can Pose and how Enterprise Mobile Solutions are Addressing Them Adopting a BYOD business model is a great new cost effective approach for businesses. However, it comes with an increase in security risks to company networks and sensitive company information. Hackers are targeting mobile devices via infected applications, […]

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Mobile Application Management Improves Rural Healthcare

10 January 2017

Provisioning Health Care Services To Rural Communities With Mobile Application Management Is More Effective Than Telemedicine For patients seeking healthcare in rural communities, telemedicine may soon become a thing of the past with the onset of mobile health apps. More health apps are developed and used due to the increased popularity and availability of mobile […]

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