Asset Management

BYOD: Top 5 challenges operations and IT teams face in today’s business environment

13 July 2023

  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – a corporate policy allowing employees to use their own personal devices such as smart phones and laptops, to access work-related data and applications — has become increasingly popular in the corporate world over the past few years, with some form of BYOD in practice at 83% of companies. […]

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Keeping Mobile Users Working In The World’s Second Largest Country

27 November 2018

Overcoming Geographic Challenges To Support Mobile Workforces Since 2007 customers with critical dependencies on their fleets of mobile computers often ask how we overcome Canada’s geography. The understandable skepticism behind this question is really a function of just how large Canada is.  We also know how long it takes to fly between such major locations […]

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Managing Data with Enterprise Mobility

8 September 2016

Enterprise Asset Management Solutions Enterprise mobility and BYOD (bring your own device) trends are reshaping how businesses manage their data. These trends are also having a profound effect on operations, maintenance, and efficiency. But with new opportunities come new challenges, raising the question: how can businesses overcome these challenges to get the most productivity out […]

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4 Big Obstacles in Enterprise Asset Management

14 April 2016

The Major Issues Your Enterprise Asset Management Platform Must Address Does your business rely on company-owned assets to meet your goals and objectives? An enterprise asset management strategy allows your business to control and optimize physical assets.  You will be able to monitor the design, construction, quantity, operation, and maintenance of each asset.  This task […]

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3 Easy Enterprise Mobile Solutions

13 April 2016

From Enterprise Asset Management to Hardware Acquisitions, It’s Easier than Ever to Start If yours is a forward-thinking business, then therefore chances are you will want to find a way to make mobility work for you. Every year, enterprise mobile solutions help countless businesses to become more efficient, more connected, and more engaged.  This applies to  […]

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Barcode Generators, CMMS, and Inventory Control

17 January 2016

With Cloud Integration and Wireless Barcode Scanner Deployment, You’ll Never Lose Track of Inventory If your inventory is small enough that you can easily and accurately count it by hand with a small margin for error, then congratulations, you’ve managed to avoid a problem that many companies have. However, for larger inventories, whether in retail, […]

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Streamlining Enterprise Asset Management

17 December 2015

How RFID Readers and Tags Make Asset Management More Efficient and Less Complex Effective and accurate enterprise asset management, the practice of tracking and collecting data on the status o assets, from inventory to tools isn’t easy. You know this already. But that doesn’t mean there’s no room to make the process more efficient and […]

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Why You Need a Wireless Barcode Scanner

23 October 2015

Cutting the Cord Can Help You Take Enterprise Asset Management to the Next Level Suprisingly, barcode technology is nearly 20 times faster and about 20,000 times more accurately than doing so manually? It’s true—and it’s also why so many companies use this technology to assist with their enterprise asset management. Asset management is vital to a […]

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How Your Business Can Save Money on Enterprise Asset Management

20 October 2015

Save Both Time and Money Using a Barcode Generator Using a barcode generator for enterprise asset management will help eliminate the costs of manually counting inventory, and will prove to be a valuable investment. How Can Barcode Generators Support Enterprise Asset Management? Instead of keeping a list of individual products that is centrally located, mobile solutions such […]

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Enterprise Mobility for Paramedics

1 September 2015

From Asset Tracking to Barcode Generators, How Can EMS Become More Mobile? It’s been well-publicized that healthcare has been transformed by enterprise mobility. Streamlining processes such as drug and sample labeling, admissions, patient tracking, blood donation, and more has allowed hospitals to operate more efficiently. They can also allocate more time, money, and other resources […]

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Enterprise Asset Management and Security Vulnerabilities

26 August 2015

Strategies from Mobile Application Management to Mobile Firewalls Help Keep Your Organization Safe If your organization is responsible for maintaining and tracking assets, it’s likely that many of your employees use mobile devices for enterprise asset management. Whether you work in transportation, retail, healthcare, or any other industry  the portability and ease of use of […]

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Enterprise Asset Management in Mining

20 August 2015

Dig Up Better Profits with Asset Management and Mobile App Development Solutions For the unfamiliar, a computerized maintenance management system, or CMMS, is a software application that helps an organization keep track of its assets and their lifecycles. They also track maintenance schedules, and more. When applied to enterprise-level corporations, it’s also often called enterprise […]

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