Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Develop User-Friendly Apps for Successful Enterprise Mobility Solutions

18 March 2017

Businesses Must Strive to Meet User and Employee Needs When Developing Mobile Apps Mobile technology dominates both personal and business communications as well as productivity.  There is no question that enterprise mobility solutions are key for successful businesses. Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs increase productivity since most people use their phones throughout the day and into the evening. When employees complete work […]

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Embracing Change with Enterprise Mobility

9 March 2017

Why Some Companies are Slow to Adopt Enterprise Mobility While BYOD Keeps Pushing Forward Although enterprise mobility improves business operations and productivity, especially with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) models in the workplace, some companies are slow to adopt enterprise mobility for their organizations. This hesitance is due to several factors, with change being the biggest one. For […]

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Mobile Strategy Consulting Boosts Business

6 February 2017

Using a Mobile Strategy Consulting Firm Helps You Meet Your Business Objectives Going mobile is vital for any business today. Most people prefer to do business online, bottom line. Many businesses have made the jump and mobilized their business models using apps and other technology-based platforms. Careful planning and consideration are necessary to take advantage of […]

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Enterprise Mobile Solutions for Workplace Security

23 January 2017

A Look at the Security Risks BYOD Can Pose and how Enterprise Mobile Solutions are Addressing Them Adopting a BYOD business model is a great new cost effective approach for businesses. However, it comes with an increase in security risks to company networks and sensitive company information. Hackers are targeting mobile devices via infected applications, […]

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Mobile Device Management In The Classroom

12 December 2016

Create Collaborative Learning Environments And Improve Learning With Mobile Device Management Educators often find themselves in a battle with students over the use of mobile devices in the classroom. It seems that, from elementary school to university, classrooms are a battleground for control of smart phones, tablets, and laptops. Although these devices can have a […]

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Control And Adaptability With Mobile Application Management (MAM)

30 September 2016

How Mobile Application Management Provides Greater Control Over Digital Security And Data Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs are becoming increasingly popular in many business and organizations. Staff tends to be more productive on personal devices that they’re familiar with, improving overall business performance as a result. However, if this trend is not managed properly […]

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Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Your Business

12 September 2016

Keep Your Business Secure And Productive At All Times Since mobile devices have become the leading tools for business communications and data sharing, device management is necessary for running a business smoothly while maintaining optimum data security. Mobile device management software enables businesses to secure all mobile devices while also managing them with an easy and […]

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BYOD and Mobile Apps

19 August 2016

How Mobile App Development is Improving the BYOD Movement These days, companies find themselves searching for technological solutions to overcome a growing number of challenges.  Increasing employee efficiency is no exception. The BYOD (bring your own device) movement is an innovative strategy that many businesses are adopting. These days, our personal devices have become inseparable from […]

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Mobile Application Management: Is It Enough?

8 August 2016

Determining the Range of Services That Best Meets Your Needs It’s hard to find an industry or company that isn’t taking advantage of the power of modern mobile devices. Whenever new tools enter a workforce, there needs to be standards for how to deploy, use and repair them.  Improper use of a mobile device isn’t […]

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Managing BYOD With Mobility Services

11 July 2016

Understand What Managed Mobility Services Can Do For Your Business Keeping up with annual iterations of new phones, devices, and computers has resulted in undue strain on IT departments.  In addition increasing numbers of company employees want to use their own devices for work purposes. A common solution to this is the implementation of BYOD […]

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How Mobile Application Management Makes BYOD Secure

26 April 2016

BYOD and CYOD Policies Thrive on Application-Level Management In business, much time and resources go into trying to figure out the conundrum that is employee’s mobile devices. Issuing corporate devices is expensive, especially if they are lost, stolen, receive damage, or are in need of replacement. Taking a hands-off approach and letting employees handle corporate data […]

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Enterprise Mobility Barriers for Small Businesses

11 February 2016

From IT Support to Mobile Device Management, Every Problem Has a Solution Mobility in business has grown massively in the last few years and completely changed the way many companies are run. When people think of enterprise mobility, usually larger businesses come to mind—but smaller companies can benefit from mobility as well, even though they […]

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