Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Develop User-Friendly Apps for Successful Enterprise Mobility Solutions

18 March 2017

Businesses Must Strive to Meet User and Employee Needs When Developing Mobile Apps Mobile technology dominates both personal and business communications as well as productivity.  There is no question that enterprise mobility solutions are key for successful businesses. Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs increase productivity since most people use their phones throughout the day and into the evening. When employees complete work […]

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5 Must-Haves for Efficient Delivery Mobile Apps

10 February 2017

A Look at The Five Top Mobile Device Features That Improve Mobile Apps For Delivery Services Due to efficient mobile app development for delivery services, delivery drivers use mobile devices for nearly every aspect of their job. Whether it’s a mobile phone or a tablet, these devices need to meet the many demands of the […]

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Mobile Application Management Improves Rural Healthcare

10 January 2017

Provisioning Health Care Services To Rural Communities With Mobile Application Management Is More Effective Than Telemedicine For patients seeking healthcare in rural communities, telemedicine may soon become a thing of the past with the onset of mobile health apps. More health apps are developed and used due to the increased popularity and availability of mobile […]

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Mobile Application Management For Greater Security

3 November 2016

MAM Offers A Dynamic First Line Of Defense Against Potential Security Threats Cybersecurity can  seem like an issue for government and business, but it’s not just the big names that are targets these days. That’s why mobile application management (MAM), coupled with proper employee training, can help to protect any business. Here’s how: Simplify Technology […]

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Everyone Has A Plan – Until…

31 October 2016

Understanding The Challenges Facing Enterprise Mobility Solutions It’s safe to say that the modern office has undergone some drastic changes. In order to keep up with the complexity and efficiency of task completion, integrating mobility is  more important than ever. To ensure your organization’s strategy and enterprise mobility solution is worth the investment, it should […]

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Control And Adaptability With Mobile Application Management (MAM)

30 September 2016

How Mobile Application Management Provides Greater Control Over Digital Security And Data Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs are becoming increasingly popular in many business and organizations. Staff tends to be more productive on personal devices that they’re familiar with, improving overall business performance as a result. However, if this trend is not managed properly […]

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Going Mobile

16 August 2016

Mobile Consulting Services Can Help Your Business And Customer Base Grow Bringing your business into the mobile realm is an excellent way to reach a wider audience and grow. As beneficial as it can be, determining how and where to start isn’t quite as clear. Do you need an application? And how should that app […]

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Mobile Application Management: Is It Enough?

8 August 2016

Determining the Range of Services That Best Meets Your Needs It’s hard to find an industry or company that isn’t taking advantage of the power of modern mobile devices. Whenever new tools enter a workforce, there needs to be standards for how to deploy, use and repair them.  Improper use of a mobile device isn’t […]

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Common Challenges: Mobile Device Management

20 June 2016

A Smart Approach to Mobile Devices Can Save You Time, Money, and Hassle The shift towards enterprise mobility brings with it a new set of challenges to overcome. Here are a few of the issues you may encounter in your business, and how to overcome them through mobile device management: Compatibility Businesses rely on mobile […]

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Measuring the ROI of Enterprise Mobility Applications

5 May 2016

How to Assess Mobile Application Management Deployment More and more companies are using enterprise mobility to improve the way they do business. Fortunately, the shift toward these trends is now less of an experiment than it once was. It has been to provide huge benefits in terms of productivity, sales enablement, collaboration, organization, client satisfaction, […]

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Effective Mobile Application Management Can Break Down Barriers to a Mobile Workforce

3 May 2016

Even with all the enterprise mobility solutions available, barriers still exist The technology that the 21st century has come to depend on is infiltrating the workforce at a rapidly increasing pace. For years, a basic company cell phone was the only proof of mobility. But more and more, businesses are going mobile with customized business apps […]

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Where Is Enterprise Mobile Heading?

30 April 2016

A Look at Key Trends in Mobile App Development and Mobile Device Management We’re only a few months into 2016, and the big question is: What have we learned this past year? And what are today’s hot topics when it comes to mobile device management and other cutting edge enterprise solutions? We’ve summarized the three […]

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