Mobile Security Management (MSM)

Enterprise Mobile Solutions for Workplace Security

23 January 2017

A Look at the Security Risks BYOD Can Pose and how Enterprise Mobile Solutions are Addressing Them Adopting a BYOD business model is a great new cost effective approach for businesses. However, it comes with an increase in security risks to company networks and sensitive company information. Hackers are targeting mobile devices via infected applications, […]

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Mobile Application Management Provides Greater Control

25 December 2016

Pairing MAM with Device Management Policies Allows for Greater Flexibility While “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies give employees an easy way to access company data, they carry a set of unique challenges. Mobile device management works to address these challenges, and, when coupled with mobile application management, can help overcome them. Even with a […]

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Mobile Application Management For Greater Security

3 November 2016

MAM Offers A Dynamic First Line Of Defense Against Potential Security Threats Cybersecurity can  seem like an issue for government and business, but it’s not just the big names that are targets these days. That’s why mobile application management (MAM), coupled with proper employee training, can help to protect any business. Here’s how: Simplify Technology […]

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How Enterprise Mobile Solutions are Changing

19 August 2015

Welcome to the World of Mobile Application Management 2.0 Technically, enterprise mobile solutions are nothing new, but as one of the fastest growing IT industries (there are now almost 500 million mobile devices used by enterprise mobile workers), the demand for more robust programming has resulted in continual improvements and innovations. With cloud infrastructures becoming […]

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Implementing Enterprise Mobile Solutions: BYOD

27 July 2015

From Encrypted Data to Secure Mobile App Development Deploy Your BYOD Strategy with a Plan The Blackberry was a big breakthrough for enterprise mobile solutions—a handheld device that could make phone calls, send emails, and be used for a number of work applications? At the time, that was not only revolutionary, but very simple and […]

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POS Hardware Evolves With Technological Advancements

15 June 2015

As part of POS systems, RFID readers simplify business processes It is largely hoped—even expected—that by incorporating new technologies in the workplace, it will improve efficiency, increase production  and facilitate easier management. Having the latest or best in POS hardware and RFID readers is no exception.  While the concept of the tools needed is relatively […]

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