Total Cost of Ownership

Global Transportation Firm Partners For Mobile Device Support

5 September 2018

Operational Staff Provides Performance Feedback A leading integrated freight, package and logistics solutions provider chose to outsource management of it’s mobile device fleet to PiiComm.   POD Brochure   With operations distributed across almost 300 locations, over 10,000 employees and almost $1.2B in revenue management decided that several factors justified the new arrangement: Past experience […]

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Step by Step Guide To Choosing A Mobile Device

10 April 2018

After more than a decade of helping organizations to choose the correct mobile technologies for their businesses, we have developed this resource to help others to understand some of the critical decision-points to ensure successful project outcomes.  Today’s IT organizations are  under increasing pressure to support existing mobile technology deployments as well as source and […]

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What Are The Real Costs In Mobile Device TCO

29 March 2018

Extensive research by firms such as VDC and Gartner now reveal that the Total Cost of Ownership for mobile devices is a function of four key areas 1. Hardware Acquisition In addition to the cost of purchasing devices, accessories and peripherals consideration should be made to acquire new devices one their lifecycles have expired.  For […]

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ServicePLUS Is An Innovative, Hardware-as-a-Service, Mobile Device And Services Bundle

8 December 2017

New Acquisition Model For Mobile Devices Focuses on Business Outcomes Not on I.T. Mobility Managed It can be costly and complex to deploy and support fleets on mobile devices and their users.   Once the devices and accessories are staged and applications  fully-tested, then asset tracking data is captured and updated.  They are individually packed and […]

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Mobile 2.0 For Enterprises

15 November 2016

How Effective Mobile Strategy Consulting Can Help An Organization Improve Mobile Efficiency With the always-on, localized, and ever-present nature of mobility, mobile strategy consulting is more important than ever. Connecting people, their devices, and data in efficient and intelligent ways is necessary to expand the opportunities for enterprise. These trends—collectively known as mobile 2.0—are pushing […]

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Improving Services with Mobile Government Solutions

12 October 2016

How Mobile Government Solutions Can Speed Up The Processes And Delivery Of Key Services With increased use of mobile devices to perform daily tasks such as banking, correspondence, checking the weather, and reading the news, employing mobile government solutions for government and public sector organizations can improve citizen engagement and speed up the delivery of […]

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Stability With Mobile Enterprise Solutions

6 October 2016

How Enterprise Mobile Solutions Can Prevent Failures In Ambitious Tech Projects A Managed Mobility Service (MMS) provider keeps business operations running smoothly by providing solutions to meet specific business needs. Mobile enterprise solutions can help avoid the failure of ambitious tech projects, such as the recent government payroll system failure. As mentioned in a recent CBC […]

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MMS to Manage Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

29 July 2016

Understanding the Role of Managed Mobility Services One of the most important aspects of running a successful business lies in managing your bottom line. Deploying mobile technologies  provides many benefits that can ultimately improve your bottom line by speeding up workflows and automating processes. TCO Mobility encompasses a wide range of devices, networks, and applications. Integrating […]

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Is Your Mobile Device Right for You?

5 July 2016

How to Choose Between Rugged Devices and Non-Rugged Devices When doing fieldwork, whether it’s in the warehouse or on the showroom floor, you need your mobile device to endure heavy physical use. Consumer devices, or non-rugged devices, may be great for personal or office use, but have you considered your potential need for a rugged […]

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5 Key Enterprise Mobility Factors

10 December 2015

What to Look for in a Smart Mobile Device Management Strategy Enterprise mobility is quickly taking root in more and more industries as mobile technology, its capabilities, and its practical applications continue to evolve and advance. However, a truly mobilized workforce is about more than just slapping smart phones into the hands of employees.   So, […]

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Enterprise Mobility, Rugged Devices, and the Future

17 August 2015

From TCO to Improved Mobile Device Management, How Rugged Can Win back the Enterprise Rugged devices and enterprise mobility have gone hand-in-hand since the beginning of durable mobile computing devices. The idea of manufacturing special, professional-grade electronics that are built to take a beating and still perform was exactly the impetus to empower mobile workforces who […]

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Device Failures Boost Enterprise Mobile TCO

22 June 2015

Managing Total Cost of Ownership of Mobile Devices An incredibly important factor that should never be overlooked by any company that has an enterprise mobile strategy is the TCO, or total cost of ownership, associated with each mobile device that is used in the field. The TCO is about much more than the upfront cost […]

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