Expanding Business with Barcodes

15 February 2017

How Barcodes Add Greater Security and Increase Competition for Products and Businesses Barcodes are an essential part of the global exports market. From product manufacture to being scanned by retail cashiers, barcodes are the most accurate and secure way to identify a product. Companies with large product inventories rely heavily on barcodes to keep track […]

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KOAMTAC Announces New iOS KTSync Keyboard Wedge Application for KDC Barcode Scanner and RFID Reader

13 February 2017

KOAMTAC Announces New iOS KTSync Keyboard Wedge Application for KDC Barcode Scanner and RFID Reader PRINCETON, NJ (PRWEB) AUGUST 11, 2015 KOAMTAC®, Inc. today announced the release of KTSync® for iOS, a keyboard wedge software for iOS® application. This will enable fast and reliable transmission of barcode and RFID data collected with the KDC® barcode scanner or […]

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How Barcodes Can Help Combat Counterfeiting

26 September 2016

Why Reliable Barcode Printers Are a Must for Preventing Fraud The global market in counterfeit goods is worth $1.8 billion each year, and this number is rising. When we think of counterfeiting, we think of currency, handbags, art and electronics.  The truth is fraud exists in a number of sectors and almost any product is vulnerable. […]

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Using Barcode Generators in Business

25 August 2016

Common Types of 1D and 2D Barcodes Barcode technology is one of the most efficient ways for businesses of all sizes to manage and track inventories. It is an ideal alternative to manual-based inventory and tracking because it eliminates costly errors. Businesses have the option of using free 1D or 2D barcode generators online or […]

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Barcode Business Basics

18 July 2016

Understand How Barcodes Are Made, Used, And What They Mean For Business A barcode generator is a piece of software that assigns a multitude of information into a small convenient and scannable label. This technology is essential in categorizing items in warehouses, retail outlets or any business  looking to achieve increased visibility.  A barcode printer produces […]

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The Pros and Cons of mobile POS

25 June 2016

Is a Smartphone with a Card Reader and a Wireless Barcode Scanner Enough to Replace the Traditional POS? Mobile point of sale (mPOS) systems have revolutionized retail, making it easier to accept payments than ever before. Some mPOS units consist of a peripheral credit and debit card reader, used in conjunction with a smartphone or […]

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Mobile Device Management and Barcodes in the Warehouse

7 May 2016

How Smart Mobile Management and Barcode Generators Work Together to Deliver Performance As companies branch out worldwide, the need for quick and accurate inventory management grows with them. Two essential tools in today’s fast-paced world to assist with that growth are mobile device management and a barcode generator. Mobile device management, simply put, is a […]

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4 Common Barcode Reading Issues

1 May 2016

Avoid Unreadable Barcodes with Enterprise Mobile Solutions Barcodes are a critical component of item and data recognition and organization. A barcode printer can help keep products organized and tracked from the warehouse to the point-of-sale. When relying on enterprise mobile solutions for product data, a faulty barcode can cause unnecessary loss of data and possibly […]

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Shipping Companies Gain a Competitive Edge with a Barcode Generator

18 April 2016

Enterprise Mobility in the Transportation Industry As technology and consumer demands change, so must the transportation industry. To adapt to the new world of transport, shipping companies must continually find new ways to lower costs and increase productivity. Fortunately, improvements to enterprise mobility solutions have made this possible and it all begins with a barcode […]

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Barcode Printers and Increased Visibility

15 April 2016

How Wireless Barcode Scanners Provide Data That’s Not Just Quantitative—It’s Qualitative When it was first introduced, the barcode label offered the promise of revolutionizing data collection.  It was now possible to streamline what had been up until then an entirely manual task. What was not immediately envisioned was that it would still be offering possibilities […]

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Retail, mPOS, and Mobile Device Management

29 March 2016

Mobile Sales Terminals, Barcode Printers, and a New Approach to Customer Service There is an old saying that goes, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’. Well, we respectfully disagree—innovation means constantly improving even the best systems. Take retail, for example. It seemed like a fairly perfect system to begin with. Customers paid you, and […]

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Inventory Accuracy and Mobile Device Management

25 February 2016

From Using a Barcode Printer to Instituting Cycle Counts, How to Take a More Accurate Inventory Inventory is important to any business. Unfortunately, the more of it you have, the more room there is for mistakes and inaccuracies, which can quickly become costly. Every year, countless businesses lose money because of overstocked items that depreciate […]

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