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Mobile App Development Makes Healthcare More Accessible

18 November 2016

Cloud-Based Mobile Applications Improve Healthcare For Isolated Individuals And Communities Mobile app development is a continuous process which adapts to the needs and wants of users. From ordering food online, to tracking an individuals’ own physicality, there are many ways mobile applications can improve our daily tasks. Mobile app development is a growing market full of […]

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Going Mobile With Small Business

31 August 2016

The Benefits of Investing in Mobile App Development Mobile app development is one of the best ways for businesses of all sizes to stay competitive, from large companies to small niche enterprises. Mobile apps have become so commonplace that customers often expect apps that provide accessibility and usability. For small business owners, however, the idea […]

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BYOD and Mobile Apps

19 August 2016

How Mobile App Development is Improving the BYOD Movement These days, companies find themselves searching for technological solutions to overcome a growing number of challenges.  Increasing employee efficiency is no exception. The BYOD (bring your own device) movement is an innovative strategy that many businesses are adopting. These days, our personal devices have become inseparable from […]

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Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise Mobility

28 June 2016

As AI Continues to Grow, What Are the Potential Applications for Enterprise Mobility? Enterprise mobility is rapidly being adopted in multiple industries as companies try to work more efficiently and overcome the obstacle of physical space. With the advent of cell phones, workers now possess the resources to communicate information on the move. With smartphones, […]

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Measuring the ROI of Enterprise Mobility Applications

5 May 2016

How to Assess Mobile Application Management Deployment More and more companies are using enterprise mobility to improve the way they do business. Fortunately, the shift toward these trends is now less of an experiment than it once was. It has been to provide huge benefits in terms of productivity, sales enablement, collaboration, organization, client satisfaction, […]

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Customized For Your Needs: How Custom Mobile App Development Could Benefit Your Business

20 April 2016

Custom Mobile Apps Provides Your Business with Personal Care Off-the-shelf, ready-to-use business apps are quick and easy to start using. However, they are also for the lowest common denominator and in addition, usually lack specific functionality for your business. These apps are great if your business is similar to others who use these apps. Investing […]

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Internet of Things and Enterprise Mobile Solutions

23 February 2016

Connected Devices and Mobile App Development Lead Exciting New Trends The world is becoming more and more connected—sometimes in surprising ways. The Internet of Things (IoT) is finally beginning to become a reality. An example are appliances and other “things” interconnected and able to share a variety of data with other devices. Wearable tech is […]

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Picking a Barcode Generator Tool

6 February 2016

The Signs of a Powerful Barcode Solution by Mobile App Development Experts It’s a data collection and cataloguing tool that has fundamentally changed the way we do business. From inventory tracking to point-of-sale, the barcode has found myriad uses since  the late 1940s. Every large-scale business already has a solution for creating high-quality barcode labels.  […]

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Unlocking a World of Possibilities with Enterprise Mobility

31 January 2016

What Is Mobile App Development and Why Do You Need It? In today’s fast-paced and technologically-driven world, companies need to adapt on the fly or they may get lost in the shuffle and lose out. One adaptation is rising above the rest; and that is ensuring your company has mobile representation for at-home and on-the-go […]

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Disconnected Mobile Device Management

25 January 2016

Why Your Mobile Application Management Strategy Needs to Account for Signal Loss Enterprise mobility, particularly in the branch of mobile device management, has had a tremendous impact on the way that field-based operations are performed. From shipping and transport to manufacturing and healthcare, many industries that have  catapulted into unprecedented levels of operational efficiency. But […]

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Four Ways That Mobile App Development Increases Productivity

14 January 2016

Enterprise Mobile Solutions for Employee Satisfaction It has been estimated that by 2015 nearly half of corporate devices would be mobile devices and research shows that enterprise mobile solutions boost worker productivity by 34%. Mobile use is not just for the personal but is a powerful tool for business both for client and business relations […]

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Mobile Device Management: Mitigating Security Risks

11 January 2016

Take Advantage of Enterprise Mobile Solutions without Risking Your Organization’s Assets Taking advantage of today’s mobile solutions has the potential to benefit any organization. Mobile devices allow employees to access everything from their emails and apps to important and necessary data. Beyond employee satisfaction and productivity, companies taking advantage of enterprise mobile solutions stand to […]

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