What Are RFID Solutions And Why Are They Important?

24 March 2017

RFID Solutions and Their Basic Components While the importance of the barcode is without doubt, it’s not the only asset management solution. Today, many businesses are making the move to RFID for their enterprise needs. RFID (radio frequency identification) solutions have become an increasingly appealing alternative to barcode technology. They can be used to generate […]

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The Expansion of RFID Solutions

16 March 2017

How RFID Solutions are Advancing with Technology and Expanding Across Industries RFID technology is mature technology which is being used in a variety of industries. With the evolution of technology, RFID solutions are able to meet the growing customer demands and company needs for efficient inventory management and operations. From retail to the automotive industry, […]

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RFID Solutions for Replenishing Medical Prescriptions

2 March 2017

How RFID Technology Provides Efficient Solutions to Medical Prescription Replenishment in Hospitals RFID technology is in use in a variety of industries to improve efficiency by speeding up processing times and reducing errors. Medical prescription replenishment systems in hospitals are an excellent example of how RFID solutions can be used to benefit the health sector. […]

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RFID Solutions Simplify Business

29 November 2016

How RFID Solutions Are Improving The Efficiency Of Billing And Tracking Systems RFID solutions deliver efficient and accurate information for a variety of industry uses, including billing and tracking. With RFID solutions, companies are better able to track their services, gain reliable information and bill customers accurately. The City of Regina is currently using RFID […]

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RFID Solutions for Blood Monitoring

21 October 2016

How RFID Blood Monitoring Systems Are Significantly Improving Healthcare Radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions in healthcare are improving patient care, reducing errors, and providing efficient inventory management. RFID solutions in healthcare involve tagging patient files, wristbands, supplies, and equipment with tags that can be quickly scanned. A quick scan of a tag can retrieve important […]

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RFID Readers to the Rescue

22 August 2016

How RFID Technology Helps Domestic And Wild Animals Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers and tags are used to wirelessly identify objects. RFID solutions exist for a variety of industries, such as retail, government, and manufacturing; however, RFID readers are also being used to track tagged animals, both domesticated and in the wild. RFID technology can […]

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How Hospitals Can Use RFID Readers

8 March 2016

Wireless RFID and Barcode Scanners Can Streamline Processes and Improve Accuracy, Saving Lives Healthcare is one industry that cannot afford to stay still for long. If it weren’t for advances in medicine leeches, cocaine, heroin and mercury might still be something for a doctor to recommend. But medicine and treatment are not the only areas […]

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New and Emerging Solutions for Inventory Tracking

5 March 2016

Using Barcode Generators and RFID Readers to Maximize Your Business Efficiency is the name of the game in today’s business world. The ability to streamline processes and maximize your work in the most simple and straightforward way reigns supreme. For a business to remain efficient, it will need to be able to quickly and accurately […]

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How a Wireless Barcode Scanner Can Improve Food Distribution

19 February 2016

Using an RFID Reader to Increase Profitability Inventory management is important for every type of business, but none more so than the food distribution industry. While misplaced inventory will always result in lost time, misplaced, mishandled or misdirected food packages result in a quantifiable monetary loss.  Having the right asset management process in place is […]

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Barcode and RFID Reader: The Dynamic Duo

22 January 2016

How Big Retail Businesses Can Benefit from Using Wireless Barcode and RFID Scanners Together Previously, we covered the differences between RFID and barcode systems, the different advantages of each, and how to choose one for your business based on those differences. But not every business has need for a clear-cut, one-or-the-other solution. Larger businesses might […]

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Enterprise Mobility in the Field

21 January 2016

Mobile Tools Such as RFID Readers Can Help Field Workers Deliver on Their Commitments If you are in a field-service business, such as computer repair, electrical work, or even cable repair, you know that the tools you use to get the job done are critical.  This often means the difference between a satisfied customer and […]

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Barcode and RFID Reader Interoperability

8 January 2016

Why Integrating Both RFID Tags and Barcode Labels into the Same System Is Essential As time goes on, the ways in which businesses and consumers are able to make use out of barcode and RFID reader applications is constantly growing in new and exciting ways. Just this year, French cognac producer Rémy Martin implemented RFID and […]

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