Use Case

RFID Solutions for Replenishing Medical Prescriptions

2 March 2017

How RFID Technology Provides Efficient Solutions to Medical Prescription Replenishment in Hospitals RFID technology is in use in a variety of industries to improve efficiency by speeding up processing times and reducing errors. Medical prescription replenishment systems in hospitals are an excellent example of how RFID solutions can be used to benefit the health sector. […]

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RFID Solutions Simplify Business

29 November 2016

How RFID Solutions Are Improving The Efficiency Of Billing And Tracking Systems RFID solutions deliver efficient and accurate information for a variety of industry uses, including billing and tracking. With RFID solutions, companies are better able to track their services, gain reliable information and bill customers accurately. The City of Regina is currently using RFID […]

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Mobile App Development Makes Healthcare More Accessible

18 November 2016

Cloud-Based Mobile Applications Improve Healthcare For Isolated Individuals And Communities Mobile app development is a continuous process which adapts to the needs and wants of users. From ordering food online, to tracking an individuals’ own physicality, there are many ways mobile applications can improve our daily tasks. Mobile app development is a growing market full of […]

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Mobile Device Management For Sensitive Information

10 November 2016

A Look At The Need For Better Security On Government-Issued Mobile Devices With near-universal use of mobile devices in the government sector, there is a growing need for mobile device management to address privacy and security concerns. According to a recent Canadian article from The Globe and Mail, sensitive government information is at risk because mobile […]

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RFID Solutions for Blood Monitoring

21 October 2016

How RFID Blood Monitoring Systems Are Significantly Improving Healthcare Radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions in healthcare are improving patient care, reducing errors, and providing efficient inventory management. RFID solutions in healthcare involve tagging patient files, wristbands, supplies, and equipment with tags that can be quickly scanned. A quick scan of a tag can retrieve important […]

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Improving Services with Mobile Government Solutions

12 October 2016

How Mobile Government Solutions Can Speed Up The Processes And Delivery Of Key Services With increased use of mobile devices to perform daily tasks such as banking, correspondence, checking the weather, and reading the news, employing mobile government solutions for government and public sector organizations can improve citizen engagement and speed up the delivery of […]

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Mobile Strategy Consulting for Retail

5 September 2016

How Mobile Strategies Improve Your Retail Business Employing a mobile strategy for your retail business will make you stand out from the crowd. Not only will customer and employee satisfaction improve, but additionally sales and productivity will increase, your costs will decrease, and you’ll see a fast return on investment (ROI). A mobile strategy consultant can […]

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Going Mobile With Small Business

31 August 2016

The Benefits of Investing in Mobile App Development Mobile app development is one of the best ways for businesses of all sizes to stay competitive, from large companies to small niche enterprises. Mobile apps have become so commonplace that customers often expect apps that provide accessibility and usability. For small business owners, however, the idea […]

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How to turn your tablet into a barcode scanner

23 August 2016

Gone are the days when barcode scanners required a physical connection to computers and specialized hardware. Thanks to Bluetooth and mobile technology, both individuals and businesses can now enjoy wireless connectivity. Moreover, scanning QR codes and barcodes is a breeze with tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. Their built-in cameras seamlessly integrate with barcode scanning […]

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RFID Readers to the Rescue

22 August 2016

How RFID Technology Helps Domestic And Wild Animals Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers and tags are used to wirelessly identify objects. RFID solutions exist for a variety of industries, such as retail, government, and manufacturing; however, RFID readers are also being used to track tagged animals, both domesticated and in the wild. RFID technology can […]

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Going Mobile

16 August 2016

Mobile Consulting Services Can Help Your Business And Customer Base Grow Bringing your business into the mobile realm is an excellent way to reach a wider audience and grow. As beneficial as it can be, determining how and where to start isn’t quite as clear. Do you need an application? And how should that app […]

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Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise Mobility

28 June 2016

As AI Continues to Grow, What Are the Potential Applications for Enterprise Mobility? Enterprise mobility is rapidly being adopted in multiple industries as companies try to work more efficiently and overcome the obstacle of physical space. With the advent of cell phones, workers now possess the resources to communicate information on the move. With smartphones, […]

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