Maximize Your Mobile Investments With Our Technology Consultation

23 November 2018

Schedule Your Consultation Are you planning a project that employs mobile technologies such as smartphones, tablets, mobile handheld computer, etc?  We can help.  A PiiComm Mobile Technology Consultation can help mitigate investment risk, ensure deployment deadlines and  clarify factors such as:   Selecting A Mobile Device Operating System Considerations Project Management Milestones Remote Support Tools […]

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Four Ways That Mobile App Development Increases Productivity

14 January 2016

Enterprise Mobile Solutions for Employee Satisfaction It has been estimated that by 2015 nearly half of corporate devices would be mobile devices and research shows that enterprise mobile solutions boost worker productivity by 34%. Mobile use is not just for the personal but is a powerful tool for business both for client and business relations […]

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Enterprise Mobile Solutions for Remote Employees

12 December 2015

Modern Tools Allow You to Combine Flexibility and Connectivity The modern workforce is changing, and with it, so is the workplace. Countless startups are run out of kitchens and basements, offices are eschewing cubicles in favour of open layouts, and sometimes, your employees aren’t even in the same city, state, province, or country as your […]

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