Mobile Apps

Effective Mobile Application Management Can Break Down Barriers to a Mobile Workforce

3 May 2016

Even with all the enterprise mobility solutions available, barriers still exist The technology that the 21st century has come to depend on is infiltrating the workforce at a rapidly increasing pace. For years, a basic company cell phone was the only proof of mobility. But more and more, businesses are going mobile with customized business apps […]

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Enterprise Mobility Enables Hardware-as-a-Service

17 February 2016

HaaS Enterprise Mobile Solutions Provide Hardware, Apps, and Support under One Plan Enterprise mobile solutions become more comprehensive with every year, as technology advances and we refine the methods to provide them. Hardware as a Service, or HaaS, evolved as way to make deploying mobile solutions easier. Industries such as healthcare, transportation, logistics, retail, manufacturing, […]

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Enterprise Asset Management Opportunities

14 February 2016

Mobile App Development and Scalable Cloud Solutions Can Streamline Business Mobile devices, RFID readers, inventory containers, fleet vehicles, maintenance equipment, and of course, your business’s products themselves. What do these all have in common? They are all great examples of your assets—and if you don’t keep a careful eye on how these assets move, you […]

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Attention to Mobile App Development Can Drive Business Success

9 February 2015

Business-focused Mobile Apps Improve Customer Relationships The proliferation of mobile devices being used in the world—smartphones, essentially—has forever changed public expectation about access to information. Some statistics quote up to a 95% rate at which people consistently use their phone to look things up. In a nutshell, we expect to find out what we want […]

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Multi-Platform and Mobile Software Development Are Our Future

20 January 2015

To Be Effective Mobile Applications Must Accommodate All Targeted Platforms Consumer choice has never been more plentiful than it is today. We are far from the era of the Model T-Ford. It’s amazing to look back and think that there was a time of only one choice. This unprecedented era of choice has far reaching implications […]

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What Millions of Smartphones Mean For Mobile Content Management

19 January 2015

Content Must Be Consumable By All Platforms Just one look at a busy downtown street during a weekday lunch hour will confirm one thing: smartphone companies are battling for consumer loyalty. The  pendulum is still moving from side to side as marketers and engineers become craftier.  High-performing smartphones are becoming a part of the daily […]

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