Meet the Executive

Rick Robillard
Chief Executive Officer

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Rick is one of a kind. Rick knows his way around high level strategy right down to the details of execution. On any given day, if you ask him what Part #WK32584 is, Rick will not only tell you exactly what it is but also, how it can improve your business. He’s PiiComm’s version of Cliff Clavin, only he tells you details you need to know or ask of him. And, some say he’s better looking.

Rick formerly lead our Sales organization Nationally and joined PiiComm in 2007.  Since that time he has earned a reputation from our customers as someone who solves problems fast, pays attention to the small detail because he knows a lot of the time, small detail means big impact. Rick provides excellent strategic and operational guidance to clients who are about to embark on enterprise mobility solutions. To be truthful, our customers love Rick. He’s passionate about wireless technology and loves it when he hears from his customers post-implementation, especially when they are telling him about their cost-savings and operational efficiencies achieved by going wireless.

When Rick isn’t spending time with customers or the PiiComm sales team, he is at home with his wife and two daughters. And if you can’t find him at home, you will find him outside on either a motorcycle or snowmobile.  Video – executive biography (1:08 mins).

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