Meet the Executive Team

Shawn Sicard
Executive Chairman

Shawn brings strong leadership and ensures a customer service focus is present in all processes at PiiComm.  Shawn knows how to deal with tough issues, with respect and integrity, both inside and outside of PiiComm.  With Shawn’s guidance, PiiComm has grown very successfully in a short period of time.  Shawn spent several years working for Bell Canada.  During this time, he was a key player involved in countless mobile solutions in numerous different verticals.

What else can Shawn do?  Well, he is also a mobile solution aficionado.  Shawn knows how to build and implement unique wireless solutions to fit his customers’ needs. He has very successfully transferred that knowledge and skill to the team at PiiComm.  Shawn built PiiComm because he knew his company would provide COMPLETE solutions to customers that currently weren’t receiving the type of care and attention required.

Shawn has recruited highly talented individuals to ensure PiiComm’s customers receive the best service and attention to detail.  A critical part of PiiComm’s success is honesty and integrity.  If you have a commitment with Shawn or any other employee at PiiComm – you are in excellent hands.  Having been around technology a very long time, Shawn knows that technology is not always easy, especially when solutions are first deployed.  He makes sure that you are confident and more than satisfied with your solution.  He has built PiiComm to deliver solutions quickly, easily and afford-ably.   Simply put, Shawn is happy as long as you are happy.

Shawn is married with 2 adult children.  He loves spending time with his family, at the hockey rink and playing anything that has a tune to it – especially his guitar. Video – executive biography (1:23 mins).

Rick Robillard
Chief Executive Officer

Rick is one of a kind. Rick knows his way around high level strategy right down to the details of execution. On any given day, if you ask him what Part #WK32584 is, Rick will not only tell you exactly what it is but also, how it can improve your business. He’s PiiComm’s version of Cliff Clavin, only he tells you details you need to know or ask of him. And, some say he’s better looking.

Rick formerly lead our Sales organization Nationally and joined PiiComm in 2007.  Since that time he has earned a reputation from our customers as someone who solves problems fast, pays attention to the small detail because he knows a lot of the time, small detail means big impact. Rick provides excellent strategic and operational guidance to clients who are about to embark on enterprise mobility solutions. To be truthful, our customers love Rick. He’s passionate about wireless technology and loves it when he hears from his customers post-implementation, especially when they are telling him about their cost-savings and operational efficiencies achieved by going wireless.

When Rick isn’t spending time with customers or the PiiComm sales team, he is at home with his wife and two daughters. And if you can’t find him at home, you will find him outside on either a motorcycle or snowmobile.  Video – executive biography (1:08 mins).

Shawn Winter
Board Member

We have no shortage of “Shawn’s” in our office. Shawn #2 comes to us with a long history of technology sales and marketing experience from Bell Canada and Motorola Solutions. He’s passionate about what technology applications can do for our customers and he’s our resident ‘e’-vangelist.

Shawn joined the PiiComm team in 2012 as our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and VP of Product Development.  Today, he leads the day-to-day operations of ShipTrack as CEO. ShipTrack is a wholly-owned subsidiary focused on creating logistics software for transportation, manufacturing, retail and government.

He has always been told that he has a talent for being able to be the bridge between the business and IT world by translating and simplifying complex concepts into something that everyone can understand easily.

When Shawn isn’t on the job or travelling, he is at home in Ottawa with his wife and daughter. For fun, he enjoys boating or riding motorcycles in the warmer seasons and downhill skiing with family & friends to help make the winter a little more bearable.   Video – executive biography (1:38 mins).