Frequently Asked Questions about the Barcode Generator

Barcode Generator FAQ Page

What can I make with the Barcode Generator?

You can generate real barcodes which you can then scan with any wired or wireless barcode scanner. We recommend however not to modify the generated barcode image in graphic design software. Increasing the size will change the parameters as well as blur out the lines, making the barcode unreadable.

If you require custom sized barcodes for commercial use, use a barcode label software package instead.

Is there limit to how many barcodes I can generate?

Make as many barcodes as you need! We also have a QR Code Generator to help you make useful QR Codes. Our generator is perfect for the times when you have started your business and not sure about what barcode software will fill your long term needs, or if your current software for making barcodes is not working or has expired.

Is this tool really free?

We built the tool for everyone to use. Whether you need one or twenty barcodes, feel free to utilize our barcode generator for your specific needs. We would also appreciate it if you would share this tool with anyone you know who might need to generate a barcode.

What if I need support?

We are currently only able to provide the barcode generator tool “as is” and offer no dedicated support for it. However, we maintain the tool to ensure the best user experience possible.

If you like our tool and would like to find out more about our commercial services that PiiComm provides, please reach out to our dedicated sales team and they will be happy to answer your questions.

Can import generated barcodes into label software?

Our barcode generator provides three file output types (.png, .jpg, .gif) which can be used in virtually any type of software. We recommend to use the .png standard for the highest quality output.

Barcode Generator Usage Instructions


1. Visit the Barcode Generator  page

Barcode Generator - How to generate your barcode

2. Select the type of barcode you need

Barcode Generator - How to generate your barcode

3. Enter the data you require for the barcode

Barcode Generator - How to generate your barcode

4. Preview your barcode by hitting the “Generate” button

(it will show up below the button)
Barcode Generator - How to generate your barcode

5. Ensure your barcode information is correct

Barcode Generator - How to generate your barcode

6. Enter a file name into the “File Name” box in the, and hit the generator button again

Barcode Generator - How to generate your barcode

7. The generator will generate your barcode which will auto-download to your “Downloads”

(unless you modify the download location in the “Folder” field)
Barcode Generator - How to generate your barcode

That’s it! We hope you enjoy using our tools!

– The PiiComm Team

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