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Avoiding Downtime Caused By Device Failure

You scan, swipe, sign and track inventory and progress – all on your rugged or consumer mobile devices. If your devices are not functioning at 100% efficiency, all of your business processes can be slowed down.  According to VDC Research it is not uncommon for enterprises to report failure rates in excess of 50%.  The performance of your employees is impacted by the devices you enable them with. Using dated and/or unsupported devices in a business is a definite way to incur more errors and costs into your business. You need a mobile device solution to ensure your devices will be running efficiently for your company:

Advantages To Outsourcing Lifecycle Management

What is it?

Lifecycle management is a full-service solution for the repair, replacement, and servicing of your devices. Lifecycle Management is the key to always having access to ready-to-go, smooth running and consistently updated devices for your convenience.


Number one cause of device disruption? Repairs. Field staff are often working in extreme conditions, and tough environments indoor and outdoor. This translates to devices being subject to extended movement, drops, cracked screens and also weather damage. Having a service partner that can offer immediate repairs will keep your devices in tip-top shape, and always allow them to be perform optimally.


A huge issue with device repairs is the lack of a device for the employee. Having a replacement system for repairs will ensure no employee will need to take time off for device loss. Having a servicing partner that offers device replacement is key to no downtime. As you send in the broken device, a functional device is immediately given to you to replace it, ensuring you always have a backup.

Anticipate These Service Gaps Without A Lifecycle Management Partner

Device Loss

Breaking a device can be extremely expensive to replace or repair. Having a service desk to immediately repair any issues can save you from losing entire devices and extend a device’s lifespan – ultimately saving thousands of dollars in device loss.

Lagged Service

Dated devices may have issues with loading times, button operation and screen lag issues. This will not only slow down an employee’s everyday tasks, for example scanning multiple boxes at once, but consequently cause annoyance for customers when dealing with signature capture. Monitoring and updating your devices will solve these issues.

Day-to-day Disruption

You can’t afford to have an employee out of work in the case of a broken device. Having an immediate and consistent store of replacement devices will subsequently, make sure there is no work day disruption by unavoidable repairs.

Save yourself time, money and the hassel of worrying about the resulting impact  of broken devices.

The lifecycle management solution is the key to always functioning, staying updated and providing cost-efficient mobile devices for your company.