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After Ten Years, Still 100% Focused On Your Success

Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, handheld computers, barcode scanners, RFID scanners and even wireless printers are in use across a wide spectrum of industries. At a very basic level they facilitate communications and automate data entry.  Their adoption is being driven by initiatives to improve efficiency and productivity. They do this very well but as a result downtime can be an issue.

Downtime Is Costly

As organizations become increasingly reliant on the benefits these technologies bring,  mobile device downtime costs rise.  Downtime results from many reasons but principally it occurs from damage.  Damage comes in many forms from drops to environmental causes such as water, heat and cold.

The resulting lost productivity cost is a direct and indirect result of how devices are being used.  The cost to a tech company when a salesperson can’t communicate with customers  may not be as directly quantifiable as the revenue loss a courier firm incurs when a courier driver’s handheld fails. Nor is it to a retailer if a sales clerk is unable to assist customers.   However, that does not mean the direct and indirect losses are not substantial, nor expensive.

Managed Mobility Services

Managed mobility services providers mitigate these and many other risks by actively managing and supporting your mobile device users: during deployment and after deployment.

As you view this short video, notice the people, facilities and resources.  Our team acts as an extension of your team. We are completely focused on sourcing, deploying, tracking, troubleshooting, repairing and monitoring your mobile device fleets.

After ten years as specialists in this business, we’ve learned to  do it all faster, more accurately and less-expensively.

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