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How We Use Managed Mobility Services To Help Customers

To grow and stay ahead of the competition, businesses rely on technology.  Since 2008 I.T. budgets and staffing have not kept pace.  PiiComm has built a thriving mobile I.T. outsourcing business by helping our customers to leverage enterprise mobility solutions. Our engagement model is to  partner with I.T. departments to adds skills and knowledge where it’s needed.

This approach, as a result,  delivers customers several key advantages:

Reduce Risk

Customers focus on growing their businesses and servicing customers.  PiiComm provides project management and services that have been proven to:

  • Speed-up time-to-deploy
  • Maximize mobile user productivity
  • Cost much less than in-sourced initiatives

Maintain Core Business Focus

Enterprise mobility infrastructures, technologies and manufacturers do not share much in common with standard I.T. (desktops & servers). While we execute on your behalf you will incur zero impact by:

  • Proprietary hardware and associated repair processes
  • High device failure rates and required spares and repair management processes
  • Idiosyncrasies of managing the lifecycle of mobile devices

Reduce Labour Costs

Saving as much as 30% of the cost of launching an enterprise mobility project in-house is not atypical for PiiComm customers.  Ongoing management of hundreds or thousands of mobile devices that may be mission-critical can be extremely challenging.  Consequently, PiiComm delivers economies of scale to our customers because:

  • We have refined and perfected processes over years of helping customers
  • Customized systems, automated tools and trained technicians enable highly efficient workflows
  • An extremely responsive partner ecosystem sees us a valuable intermediary and so is quick to prioritize our requests

Contain IT Costs

PiiComm delivers only those services that you require.  Our approach to every engagement is a financial risk-sharing approach where we invest our services prior to your compensation.  Our services pricing can be structured in a number of different formats in order to provide flexibility. The most common and customer-advantageous method is a small monthly charge per device. Not only will you save money on escalating IT costs but budgeting from year to year will be greatly simplified.

To learn more about how we can engage assist your organization please contact us at and one of our mobility consultants will contact you.

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