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Administrative and manual labor takes up unnecessary business costs. What if we told you there was a simple solution to reduce your manual labor, and automate your mundane tasks? ShipTrack is a track and trace technology solution that takes the effort of shipping and tracking in the logistics industry. Administrative tasks such as customer service phone calls, manually assigning driver and routes and paper reporting and analytics are all time-wasting costs that be streamlined into an automated process.

With these features, you can cut out unnecessary tasks and costs:

Auto Dispatching

 Auto Dispatching is a valuable feature for customer service heavy organizations, such customer phone calls and manual shipment tracking. The auto dispatch feature allows you to dispatch drivers and routes automatically based on a driver’s route and work task for that day.

Tracking Portal

Customers will want to know where their shipment is – it’s a given. In most cases, customers call in to the courier to get a location of where their shipment is on route. With ShipTrack, there is a consumer portal available to all customers to simply type in their tracking number and see an exact pinpoint of where their shipment is in transit. This reduces customer service calls, and manual tracking of shipments.


 Manual paper reporting is a time intensive process of collecting data, during performance comparison research. ShipTrack collects all delivery and driver performance through the mobile app on delivery routes. fIt takes the data to create analytics reports and custom reports for specific insights. Having this information available at the drop of a hat saves time and money and makes you more transparent for your customers.

Remove your manual barriers of constant phone calls and data combing, and go automated with a track and trace software solution. Have automated dispatching, constant access to shipments location in the supply chain and full analytic; reports at any time with ShipTrack.



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