Why You Need a Wireless Barcode Scanner

Cutting the Cord Can Help You Take Enterprise Asset Management to the Next Level

Suprisingly, barcode technology is nearly 20 times faster and about 20,000 times more accurately than doing so manually? It’s true—and it’s also why so many companies use this technology to assist with their enterprise asset management. Asset management is vital to a company’s overall success. When the stakes are high and there’s little room for error.

Managers need to be sure that vital data is as accurate and readily available as possible. Though there are many types of barcode systems and scanners, the wireless barcode scanner is considered by many the most practical and useful. Here are a few reasons why:


Much like with an old landline telephone, when a cord is added to the mix your work area becomes limited. A wireless unit provides the mobility to collect data from a larger area and maneuver without restriction.


Enterprise asset management, especially for retail and manufacturing businesses, involves collecting data from many items in a large setting such as a warehouse, store, or plant. With this in mind, wireless barcode scanners are constructed in rugged enclosures durable enough to withstand multiple drops and regular wear and tear.


As mentioned earlier, using barcodes for data collection is much more accurate than any manual process is. To put it into perspective, there are an average of 10 errors for every 1,000 characters when typing on a keyboard—versus approximately only one error for every 3,000,000 characters when using a barcode system! And because a wireless barcode scanner allows you to go where the inventory is—and not the other way around—there are fewer opportunities for miscalculation along the way.


There are many ways in which wireless systems are more efficient than their corded counterparts. As a result of this efficiency improvement, you are able to complete tasks more quickly. This saves both time and labor costs for your company.

There are many ways to capitalize on the efficiency and benefits of barcodes for enterprise asset management. If you are looking to update or improve your current set-up, there are many reasons to consider deploying a wireless barcode scanner system. From improving mobility and accuracy to reducing costs, you’ll wonder why you haven’t cut the cord sooner.