Deploy Enterprise Mobile Solutions

PiiComm provides Enterprise Mobile Solutions for Businesses and Government agencies.

We create, integrate, deploy, and manage customized software platforms for smartphones, tablets, and rugged computing devices. Our extensive track record of professional service delivery comes from our highly experienced management and dedicated employees.

Flexible Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Moblity Services

PiiComm has the people, technology, and the technical processes needed to integrate and implement mobile services and solutions for the enterprise market in Canada, US, and abroad.

With support for virtually any type of mobile hardware that runs iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems (including Win 7/Server), our technology helps companies to achieve their goals faster and within budget.

Acting as a key supplier, PiiComm provides the entire solution with regards to technology selection, customized software & integration, deployment, and management.

In addition to customized software, our Enterprise Mobile Solutions include online Web Portal set up and administration. Online web portals allow businesses access their real-time inventory, business performance reports, and historical information on mobile assets.

PiiComm also provides large companies with Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services.

Need more information on mobility services? Then please visit our Managed Mobility Services page.

Enterprise Mobile Solutions in Warehousing

Mobile App Development Services

PiiComm developers are industry experts in enterprise level mobile app development. Our highly focused client approach and technological expertise allows our app development teams to quickly and efficiently design, develop, deploy, and manage iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile applications.

Depending on customer requirements, apps are developed either in the native platform language or cross-platform HTML 5. In addition, our developer team can port your current BlackBerry apps to iOS and Android operating systems. In addition to mobile apps, we also develop applications for Windows 7, 8, and server.

At PiiComm, our developers and managers take the time to understand customer needs and requirements in order to create and build the most efficient solutions to real business problems.

Our programmers and team members use methodologies and tools such as AGILE software development to ensure that adaptive planning, early delivery, and continuous improvement is all part of the mobile app development process.

No matter how advanced your app requirements may be, our teams are equipped with the knowledge, technology, and the experience to develop your to the highest industry quality standards.

With PiiComm you will never be in the dark again in your app development process! To find out more about our app services, visit the Mobile App Development page.

Managing Mobile Solutions

Enterprise Asset Management

As part of our mobile solutions, asset management is an essential service which helps our customers maintain, track, operate, and inspect assets which relate to their vital operational business units. PiiComm is a leader in managing carriers, devices, and IT infrastructures which ensures cost-effective increases in productivity.

PiiComm’s industry leading Asset Management technology has been successfully deployed in Transportation & Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Field Service, and Government sectors. Our customers utilize our mobile enabled system to collect, access, and manage their data from anywhere in the world.

Our customers rely on our expertise in the delivery of automated systems, web tools, and decision-making intelligence. One of PiiComm’s key offerings includes Mobile Helpdesk; a system that provides Lifecycle Management, MMS, & MDM services to our enterprise customers.

For more information, visit our Enterprise Asset Management page.



Migration Services For Windows CE & Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 Applications

Over the past decade, Windows CE and Windows Embedded Handheld (WEH) 6.5 have become the operating system platforms of choice for the majority of enterprise mobile devices.  The platform has offered its enterprise customers a broad portfolio of devices to select from; as well as strong development tools, a stable developer community and wide support among enterprise mobility-focused ISVs.

In addition, and most importantly for the enterprise device community, as of January 2015, WEH 6.5 is completely off Microsoft mainstream support with only security patches provided until 2020.  Download the Migrating Legacy Enterprise Mobile Applications whitepaper to gain a thorough understanding of the issues and opportunities.

Trust PiiComm’s software development team’s expertise to support your software migration objectives.

For more information or a quotation contact us to learn more.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

In any business or government organization, security and mobile device management are key to keeping critical information safe and ensure productivity standards are met.

If your employees utilize personal mobile devices at work, then you should consider our services. Manage, support, secure, and track both enterprise and employee devices with PiiComm’s comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) Management solutions.

What is BOYD? Utilizing the devices that employees already own, a Bring Your Own Device Management solution has been proven to increase personal productivity and business performance. Users have full freedom to choose a device that’s specific to their own needs (screen size, operating system, features). This allows employees to work more efficiently, and avoids the wasted hours usually needed to re-learn features and software as was required in the past when companies would provide specific hardware to their employees. Not having to re-invest into hardware saves companies and governments money when it comes to training and hardware update cycles.

Mobile Device Management is changing the dynamics of business operations, streamlining the workplace to an on-demand, virtual environment accessible from around the globe. Visit our Mobile Device Management services page for more information.

Customized Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Mobile Helpdesk Services

Is your company investing too many hours into expensive in-house IT support? PiiComm provides game-changing Level 1 Mobile Helpdesk Support services. We provide a single unique toll-free telephone number and fully-bilingual & certified support staff who are trained to resolve issues on the spot.

With our extensive infrastructure we are able to provide support services cheaper and faster than a client can provide themselves. The benefits of responsive, personalized support helps our customers focus more on their business.

To find out more information, please visit the Mobile Helpdesk Support page.