Manage data, connect workers & the public with mobile government solutions.

Confident decisions. Enhanced safety. Increase efficiency. Lower costs. Enhanced communications.

Make decisions with confidence and insight backed by comprehensive data, compiled efficiently, and supported by complete customer care. Mobile government solutions from PiiCom are engineered to deliver on that promise for public-sector organizations and all levels of government. From law enforcement to social work, from safety inspection to municipal utilities, PiiComm-powered mobile devices can help your organization achieve untapped efficiencies in the services you provide to the public. This includes faster response times, pinpointed vehicle locations, improved volume and management of case loads, reduced fuel costs, and increased worker accountability. Just as important, PiiComm helps ensure a well-served, throughly engaged community—translating into a high-level of satisfaction with public services.

Connect securely where you need to, support where you need it.

With PiiComm Mobility Solutions, you’re choosing a trusted technology company with the capacity and know-how to offer a full range of mobility support, powered by the latest hardware and software. Using our handheld devices, connect your organization to your government workers so that productivity applications can be automatically dispatched, re-routed and set to instantly receive voice and data messages. We also integrate handhelds and desktops with RFID, real-time inventory and asset management, barcode scanning and printing. Gain the convenience of our signature JUMP pay-as-you-go plan, designed for sensible support to your growing operation. Enjoy the peace-of-mind of having PiiComm’s unsurpassed customer care working for you and for your organization.

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Public services. Reinvented.

Revolutionize the way you connect with citizens and workers via PiiComm-engineered solutionsMobile Solutions Government

Pinpointed vehicle tracking and routing – Track vehicles with PiiComm mobile devices featuring integrated GPS, voice and data, including turn-by-turn maps and directions. Workers avoid traffic congestion, bad weather and can be re-routed automatically for optimum response time to emergencies.

Real-time case file updates – With PiiComm Mobile Government Solutions, public sector workers enter case-related data while on-site—a valuable time saver that also helps reduce the risk of data errors and incomplete information.

Reduce overhead costs – Streamline in-the-field costs via wireless-powered PiiComm devices that remotely monitor and manage public utility meters. Innovate your inventory and asset management tasks with barcode and RFID-integrated support—saving you money, reducing the risk of theft, and ensuring the right people in the right vehicles with the right assets are on-site to perform their jobs correctly.

Mobile-powered ticketing and traffic management – Automated citations reduce costly paperwork and errors while boosting worker productivity. Measure traffic flows, including rush-hour flows and build databases for added insight. It’s all possible when you choose PiiComm Mobile Government Solutions.

Anywhere, everywhere Wi-Fi power – Build new Wi-Fi networks in your community via PiiComm Mobility Solutions.

Front-of-the-line support – Our Mobile Service Desk offers comprehensive coverage and support for all of your mobile devices. You gain front-of-the-line support on all your PiiComm-powered mobile devices including direct-line care from the manufacturer. That’s valuable piece of mind you can count on.

Leap ahead with JUMP

Our industry-leading JUMP Plan offers you pay-as-you-go convenience of leasing and complete product implementation, PLUS maintenance and complete customer care via PiiComm’s Mobile Service Desk.

Discover how PiiComm-powered mobile government solutions can empower workers and optimize your field services operation to a new level of service and sales.

Plans start at $60/month.

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