Innovative mobile solutions for quality public and private healthcare.

Faster & high quality patient care. Reduce errors. Manage inventory rather than paperwork.

Prioritize and make decisions quickly based on having reliable, insightful data. Organize and share information securely in less time with better outcomes. Manage patient care and hospital administration tasks at an all-new level of in-depth efficiency. And spend less time locating equipment. PiiComm Mobility Solutions puts all these must-do activities in your hands—helping to ensure quality results every time.

With solutions designed specifically to suit the needs of healthcare administrators, doctors, nurses and the patients in your care, PiiComm mobile tablets/handhelds capture and provide secure access to point-of-care data throughout your facility.

Complete solutions that solve problems at every step.

As a trusted technology company with capacity and know-how powered by the latest hardware and software, backed by a full range of mobility support, PiiComm understands the importance of solving problems that are unique to the healthcare field.

Eliminate the burdensome costs and guesswork of incomplete data and of solutions that fall short of being comprehensive. Do away with layers of third-party add ons where support is often an extra. Make billing delays and other administrative tasks a thing of the past.

Choose PiiComm-powered solutions that integrate handhelds and desktops with RFID, real-time inventory and asset management, barcode scanning, labeling and printing. You gain the convenience of our signature JUMP pay-as-you-go plan, designed for sensible support to your time-critical organization.

You also get the peace-of-mind of having PiiComm’s unsurpassed customer care working for you—both inside and outside of your hospital facility. A seamless, comprehensive solution: the way a mobile company should work for you.

Streamline operations while reinforcing quality patient care.

The advantages of choosing PiiComm are built into every mobile solution we offer to healthcare facilities. No conditions. No exceptions. Solid performance every time, everywhere.

Do more in less time at point-of-care – Input patient data quickly and reliably. Gain real-time, secure access to patient history and medical databases. Innovate the way billing and other charges are captured so it is done when patients are processed. With PiiComm, the outcome is accelerated administration and better information while reducing unnecessary, costly delays.

Manage inventory rather than paperwork – PiiComm-powered barcode scanning and RFID means real-time inventory for medical supplies, medications and lab equipment—-all done quickly and thoroughly without the burden of error-prone, manually entered paper forms.

Dramatically reduced error rates – Every 1,000 characters typed on a keyboard contains an average of ten keying errors. Barcode systems from PiiComm shrink that error rate to just one in 70 million entries.

Innovate patient identification – PiiComm’s barcoded wristbands, generated at point-of-care can eliminate errors and automate what otherwise is a time consuming, error-prone process. This can include scanning patient charts and cross-checking patient documentation and charts—all performed quickly, engineered for accuracy.

Front-of-the-line support – Our Mobile Service Desk offers comprehensive coverage and support for all of your mobile devices. You gain front-of-the-line support on all your PiiComm-powered mobile devices including direct-line care from the manufacturer. That’s valuable piece of mind you can count on.

Leap ahead with JUMP

Our industry-leading JUMP Plan offers you pay-as-you-go convenience of leasing and complete product implementation, PLUS maintenance and complete customer care via PiiComm’s Mobile Service Desk.

Discover how PiiComm-powered mobile solutions for healthcare can innovate the quality care you provide, optimize services and empower workers.

Plans start at $60/month.