Your new competitive edge to help you build, manage & grow.

Achieve lean operations. Improve productivity. Automate data collection. Fast ROI.

Engage the booster rockets to manufacturing productivity in your business! PiiComm Mobility Solutions offers you a comprehensive, industrial-tested way to improve workforce productivity, automate data collection, minimize downtime and quickly produce ROI on mission-critical technology.

Lean manufacturing & full service: PiiComm delivers.

Empower your workforce members so they have the tools to make intelligent decisions quickly to serve customers and stakeholders, while streamlining your costs to keep your operations lean and competitive.

From food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and technology, to consumer products, warehousing and automotive — PiiComm develops mobile handheld solutions and services that are engineered to meet the needs of thriving manufacturers.

PiiComm helps you keep pace with those demands via handhelds equipped with RFID, real-time inventory and asset management, barcode scanning and printing.

There’s more! When you choose PiiComm-powered mobility, you gain the convenience of our signature JUMP pay-as-you-go plan, designed for sensible support to your growing industrial operation. You also get the peace-of-mind of having PiiComm’s unsurpassed customer care working for you and for your business.

A seamless, comprehensive solution designed to mobilize, empower and optimize your business: the way a mobility company should work for you.

Engage the power of mobile technology throughout your operation.

Improved workforce productivity – Connect employees throughout your shop and at multiple facilities to real-time communications using PiiComm’s wireless data and VoIP-enabled devices. Dispatch maintenance staff to fix production line problems, advise of safety issues and security breaches, issue notifications for production-related matters as well as emergencies. Problems are solved and decisions are made faster, thanks to PiiComm Mobility Solutions.

Automated data collection and minimize downtime – Avoid costly errors associated with manually based inventory and tracking. PiiComm-powered handhelds are equipped with barcode scanners and RFID to automate a series of mission-critical tasks. They also provide important new benefits, including real-time inventory updates, improved routing/product tracking, as well as a leaner inventory for greater overall efficiency in your operations.

Intelligent labour tracking – Maintain your competitive edge by tracking your labour costs at every step of the manufacturing process. PiiComm-powered mobility captures time and attendance of all workers on your shop floor and creates data for better decision making and planning.

Produce ROI on mission-critical technology – Capitalize on the cost savings of combining wireless data and voice on a single network—reduced infrastructure costs and the opportunity to engage a range of streamlining benefits. Build to scale. As more advanced devices are introduced, users can add more features, such as seamless roaming between WAN and WLAN networks on a single, convenient portable device.

Front-of-the-line support – Our Mobile Service Desk offers comprehensive coverage and support for all of your mobile devices. You gain front-of-the-line support on all your PiiComm-powered Zebra Technologies devices including direct-line care from the manufacturer. That’s valuable piece of mind you can count on.

Leap ahead with JUMP

Our industry-leading JUMP Plan offers you pay-as-you-go convenience of leasing and complete product implementation, PLUS maintenance and complete customer care via PiiComm’s Mobile Service Desk.

Discover how PiiComm-powered mobility solutions can empower workers and optimize your operations!

Plans start at $60/month.