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More sales. More customers. Empowered workers. Lower costs. Fast ROI.

Turbocharge your retail sales, be more efficient in how you work and create an outstanding shopping experience that helps transform shoppers into loyal customers.

It all becomes possible when you choose PiiComm Mobility Solutions—engineered for success and tailor-made for your retail businesses.

Don’t settle for incomplete solutions!

You have a lot at stake in running a successful retail operation, so it pays to choose a trusted technology company with the capacity and know-how to offer a full range of mobility support, powered by the latest hardware and software.

With PiiComm, you get more than just a solution that integrates handhelds and desktops with RFID, real-time inventory and asset management, barcode scanning and printing. You gain more than just the convenience of our signature JUMP pay-as-you-go plan, designed for sensible support for your growing operation. You also get the peace-of-mind of having PiiComm’s unsurpassed customer care working for you and for your retail operation.

The result? You spend your time building your business and engaging your growing clientele with convenient, reliable, always-on mobile solutions, backed by industry-leading support.

We look after building and maintaining the systems and support to make all of that happen—and we do so seamlessly…the way a true mobility retail solution should work for you!

The PiiComm advantage. Preloaded. Always.

The exclusive advantages of PiiComm are built into every mobile solution we offer to retailers.

No conditions. No exceptions. Solid performance every time, every where.

Front-of-the-line support – As a Premier Solution Partner, you gain front-of-the-line support on all your PiiComm-powered devices including direct-line care from the manufacturer. PiiComm’s Mobile Service Desk takes the frustration out of managing your devices, whether you manage 20 or 20,000.

Point-of-Sale Simplicity – With integrated software, hardware and service into a single PiiComm-powered mobile device, you can assist customers with a full range of services—from product information to checkout—anywhere in your store.

Customer-Empowered Shopping Assistants – Introduce more products and more buying opportunities to your customers in less time. PiiComm-powered Shopping Assistants provide instant access to product pricing, in-store promotions, complementary items, product location and more!

Convenient Self-Service Kiosks – Help your customers quickly make the decision to buy, thanks to a range of customized mobile self-service options, including price checking, product comparisons, gift registries, ship-to-home options, and loyalty point queries!

Leap ahead with JUMP

Our industry-leading JUMP Plan offers you pay-as-you-go convenience of leasing and complete product implementation, PLUS maintenance and complete customer care via PiiComm’s Mobile Service Desk.

Discover how PiiComm-powered mobile solutions can send your sales skyward and transform your retail space—both on the sales floor and in the warehouse.

Plans start at $60/month.