Do more with mobile solutions.

Increase productivity. Lower costs. Less administration. Visible tracking at all times. Fast ROI.

Efficiency. It becomes the word that describes how your company high-jumps beyond conventional expectations, reduces costs, sharpens its competitive edge, and manages the movement of goods with insight and laser-like precision—all thanks to solutions engineered for simplicity and detail.

That’s the promise of PiiComm Mobility Solutions. Engage a new level of efficiency by choosing PiiComm’s real-time supply chain management and optimization technology—all integrated in our mobile devices. Whether your goods are transported by air, surface or sea, we help you gain a new level of insight in how you manage that task.

Detailed on-time deliveries increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Combined with the ease-of-use that comes from PiiComm-powered solutions, your business gains a vital competitive advantage.

Comprehensive solutions where it counts.

Don’t risk your operation on measures that fall short of being complete solutions! It pays to choose a trusted technology company with the capacity and know-how to offer a full range of mobility support, powered by the latest hardware and software. With PiiComm, you get more than just a solution that integrates handhelds and desktops with RFID, real-time inventory and asset management, barcode scanning and printing. You gain more than just the convenience of our signature JUMP pay-as-you-go plan, designed for sensible support to your time-sensitive operation. You also get the peace-of-mind of having PiiComm’s unsurpassed customer care working for you and for your business.

Getting it there faster, cheaper & easier with insight: the PiiComm advantage.

From scheduling and dispatch, cross docking plus route and load management, to freight and yard management plus proof of delivery, PiiComm-powered mobility solutions plug-in to every step of your company’s transportation process and finds the answers you need…now!

Visibility and accuracy everywhere – Dramatically increase visibility and accuracy of asset management and pinpoint your fleet in real-time via voice, email and GPS. PiiComm-powered RFID offers the added advantage of helping you reduce labour, carrying and inventory costs by managing an array of data that’s available to you when and where you need it.

Complete management from origin to destination – Choose optimal routes with real-time dispatch and scheduling based on current conditions. Assign and revise schedules for load changing. Bypass yard congestion by setting priorities for freight loading and unloading. Identify precise contents of a shipment, including load/unload/crossdock information.

Delivery success in detail – PiiComm Mobility Solutions capture signatures electronically and integrate barcode data so you gain complete tracking of pallets and individual items from dispatch to destination, including pinpointed departure/arrival times, plus duration of stops in between.

Convenience of mobile printing – Your clients gain the choice of having delivery receipts and on-site invoices printed at destination, thanks to PiiComm-powered mobility solutions.

Front-of-the-line support – As a Premier Solution Partner, you gain front-of-the-line support on all your PiiComm-powered devices including direct-line care from the manufacturer. PiiComm’s Mobile Service Desk takes the frustration out of managing your devices, whether you manage 20 or 20,000.

Leap ahead with JUMP

Our industry-leading JUMP Plan offers you pay-as-you-go convenience of leasing and complete product implementation, PLUS maintenance and complete customer care via PiiComm’s Mobile Service Desk.

Discover how PiiComm-powered mobility solutions can send your sales skyward, empower staff and optimize your transportation and logistics operation.

Plans start at $60/month.