JUMP – Mobile DaaS – Device as a Service Program

Woman using ES400PiiComm Inc. is a total provider of enterprise mobility application solutions. These solutions include Mobile Computing, Wireless LAN Infrastructure, RFID, Asset Management, Inventory Control, Barcode Scanning and Mobile Printing solutions. Our full range of services comprises: consultation, hardware, software applications, implementation and ongoing support & maintenance with PiiComm’s Mobile Service Desk. PiiComm offers mobile solutions for the following industries; Services-Based Industries, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing & Warehousing, Government, Utilities and Transportation & Logistics.

PiiComm’s latest offer provides total financing for complete mobility solutions. This new offering is The JUMP Program.

What is the JUMP Program?

JUMP stands for Joining Users with Mobility Platforms. This program provides a new and complete financing model for enterprise mobile computing solutions over a 3 or 5 year term. With JUMP, our customers can have a full spectrum mobile solution. At the same time JUMP minimizes cash flow impact and simplifies the budgeting and approvals process. The best part, our clients get the latest technology NOW, as a Service. PiiComm’s proven mobile methodology enables customers to realize benefits such as; increase in customer satisfaction. In addition mobile delivers efficiency and workplace productivity gains.

What’s included in the JUMP Program?

Our total solutions under the JUMP Program include; consultation, hardware, software application, implementation and ongoing support & maintenance with PiiComm’s Mobile Service Desk. If you’re looking to automate your workforce or for asset management and inventory control, it’s ALL covered in the JUMP Program.

What could the JUMP Program do for you?

Although every customer’s business requirements are slightly different in terms of the hardware and services needed, the JUMP program can outfit your staff almost immediately with hardware, software and services. The JUMP Program is a great tool for those looking to procure technology but prefer to leverage operational budgets vs. using up valuable Cash-flow. The program provides mobile devices as a service.

*(OAC) On Approved Credit.

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