Day 0 to Day 1: Planning & Provisioning

From project management to staging and deploying your devices, we are mobile transformation professionals. Having deployed thousands of devices for Enterprise and government, PiiComm has built the necessary tools and processes required for mobile device provisioning.

Sourcing for Mobility Projects


Mobile Device Procurement and Sourcing

Each project is unique and requires many components from various manufacturers to be successful. Items such as cases and accessories are often overlooked in mobility deployment projects. At PiiComm we have a team of ressource specialists that will ensure that no item is missed and therefore make your project successful.

Mobile Device Staging


Mobile Device Staging

At PiiComm we have developed specific processes and tools to provide staging excellence. This includes creating a bug-free image according to the specs of our clients. Our tools then allow us to scale staging to hundred or thousands of devices under very tight time-frames. We are recognized as one of the most trusted and competent mobility specialists in Canada.

Mobile Device Deployment


Mobile Device Deployment

Many sites, many locations, countless moving parts provide for a challenging deployment. Our team of experts are able to apply our know-how to ensure that we are working with our clients to scheduling.

Timing is important, it’s likely not the first device out in the field. We can even facility the reverse logistics of getting legacy or older devices out of the hands of the user. We have a 100% track record of success with some of the largest and most demanding deployments in Canada. Each project is unique, requiring us to work closely with our client to ensure that all the elements of a successful project are in place for a successful project. We become an extension of the client’s team and work collaboratively to ensure success.  We work with all the major couriers, we have the tools, we strongly established relationships with the courier industry to ensure we choose the best and most cost-effective route.

Day 2: Operations

Your workforce relies on technology to be productive. Our operations services ensures that your personnel stays up and running even though your devices may not.


Repair Management

When a devices fails, PiiComm has built up an efficient and well tested repair management program. We ensure that a company’s resources are provided a replacement device while we determine what the right process is to get the defective device up and running as soon as possible. We have established excellent relationships with all major manufacturers of mobile equipment and transparently work behind the scenes to establish the best pathway towards rapid repair.

Thanks to the large number of devices that enter our facility on a daily basis, our technicians are very effective at diagnosing issues and getting the device into a repaired state.

Our process is flexible on a per client basis / each client has different warranty programs that they use. We manage that relationship with the manufacturer. All of our clients’s needs are in constant evolution. Deployment after deployments, manufacturers, devices levels start to vary drastically. Our systems and tools combined with the client’s needs allow us to adapt the processes in place for each client.


Inventory Management

We track product inventory during and after our clients’ deployments. Whether devices are allocated to a specific country or province, our customers maintain full visibility through our AIM portal. In addition, we manage the inventory level of non-assetized items such as consumable products, styluses and cases.

Precise inventory tracking allows our clients to cycle products out of production and to then re-deploy them where they are most needed. We have developed the systems and processes to keep with orderly and organized. Clients have visibility on all devices.


AIM Portal

The AIM Portal is the repository for all of the data that we collect. It’s the entry point for all of our customers to initiate a ticket or to get status updates on existing tickets. This portal also allows them to run reports on a variety of aspects of their organization.

We don’t operate in a bubble, the AIM Portal is a bridge to help communicate and transfer data back and forth. This data can then be used to drive analytics on the performance of your devices.

Like mobility products, the AIM portal is constantly evolving to meet our clients’ needs and help them run their business more efficiently.

Day 3: Decommissioning

Nothing lasts forever. When it’s time for a product to come out of its productive life cycle, at the end of a product’s life, PiiComm has defined processes to properly decommission and dispose of devices in an environmentally friendly manner.

Data Removal

Data Removal

With current privacy laws getting ever stronger, it’s imperative that any sensitive data is removed from devices that are ending their natural life-cycle.

The essence of this is that It’s a question of organization. It’s easier to throw it in the box. It’s the process that makes sure they don’t go further than that box before they are wiped. Data destruction.

Removing data from the device, if not possible ensure that device is properly destroyed. Removal of data sim card. It’s good and proper business practice to remove data from any device that is either being re-assigned or sent off for disposal.

We make sure that the device will not get re-assigned until data has been entirely removed.

Eco-Friendly Destruction

Eco-Friendly Destruction

Depending on the varying requirements by clients, PiiComm can certify and ensure that the device in question has been destroyed by providing a certificate of destruction for each device. With ever increasing requirements through regulation and social conscience, it’s important that devices get disposed of properly.

Our process is environmentally friendly to ensure that your enterprise can have a clear conscience.

Reallocation & Consignment

Reallocation & Consignment

In an effort get the most out of any asset, at the end of a specifically, assuming it hasn’t met its end of life:

  • Relocate it to different location
  • Get value for that products from the market (from 3rd parties, PiiComm can assist through consignment services)
  • Additionally, many times devices with some value can be traded in for credit when acquiring new equipment.

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