Mobile Device Management (MDM) as a Service

Managing an MDM can be a daunting task. Our experts take this work on for some of the largest organizations in Canada. Whether you have an on-premise MDM, a cloud MDM or are considering migrating from one platform to an other, we can help you make sure the initiative is successful.

BYOD Ready Mobile Device Management

The advent of Bring Your Own Device programs into the corporate and government sector is gaining momentum because of the astonishing results that BYOD brings to personal productivity and business performance. Small, medium and large scale enterprises are benefiting from BYOD adoption no matter what industry they are in or the scale of mobile devices to be deployed. Freedom to adopt devices of their choice and access from anywhere, allows users to optimize their positive impact business results. For the organization, there is no longer a need to maintain and re-stock the expensive additional hardware which was so common in the past enterprise environments.

Mobile Corporate Device Management

With the explosive adoption of consumer smartphones and tablets, enforcing corporate policies and best practices while supporting diverse user requirements can be a tough balancing act. Enterprise mobility is changing the dynamics of the brick and mortar workplace to an on-demand,  environment accessible at anytime and from anywhere.

Mobile Security Management

Safeguarding the enterprise from potential threats while maintaining a highly optimized, user friendly and secure mobility environment can be a major challenge to effectively manage and grow your organization. An effective MDM solution provides real-time analytics and diagnostic reports to generate valuable business intelligence on the enterprise’s mobile workforce.

Mobile Content Management

Mobile content management is a secure content library for distributing and managing access to up-to-date corporate resources from mobile devices. Supporting multiple document formats, files can be pushed as one-to-one, one-to-many or one-to-all. Some of the options include setting priority levels, specifying time durations for document availability, staggering release by geo-location, enabling automatic or on-demand downloads and many more.

Mobile Application Management

Enterprise Mobile Application Management is the process of developing, procuring, deploying and managing the configuration, distribution and access of in-house and commercially developed mobile apps through an enterprise app virtual marketplace or a consumer app store.

Mobile Email Management

Mobile Email Management (MEM) is a powerful and secure e-mail access filter to configure settings in your mobile device environment to enable, restrict and disable flow of legitimate email traffic between mobile devices and the corporate environment.

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