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DS2200 Series, DS2208 or DS2278 by Zebra Technologies


The DS2200 Series handheld imagers offer the most affordable devices that offer the easy deployment, ease of use, and management simplicity that meets your business needs. 1D barcodes have been replaced with 2D barcodes, for everything from purchase tags to electric coupons and loyalty cards. So, it is vital to have 2D barcode scanning capabilities to eliminate the risk of slowed check-out processes, which will ultimately lead to frustrated customers. With the DS2200 series, you will not only be able to scan one or the other, you will be able to scan them all. This affordable 1D/2D imager does not compromise performance or features for price. Best-in-class, every-time scanning with point-and-shoot simplicity is now available for you at the price you’ve been waiting for. Whether you need cordless (DS2278) or corded (DS2208) models, the DS2200 series meets your POS needs – in an affordable package.

DS3600 Series, DS3608-DPA or DS3678-DPA by Zebra Technologies


The corded DS3608-DPA and cordless DS3678-DPA scanners are members of the Zebra 3600 Ultra-Rugged Series of scanners are designed for unstoppable performance – ideal for unforgiving environments. Industrial manufacturers can now meet their track and trace requirements with ease thanks to the dependable, lightning-fast capture of virtually any direct part mark (DPM), 1D/2D and wide 1D barcodes common in factory automation. The DS3608-DPA and DS3678-DPA connect to Industrial Ethernet networks, so there is no need for third party conversion equipment. These models are the only scanners in their class that are dust-tight, spray proof, waterproof to IP67, and are built to survive a 2.4m/8 ft. drop to concrete. Alongside the IP65-sealed cradle, these models offer a complete rugged solution.