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Buy the ET50 and ET55 Enterprise Tablet by Zebra Technologies

ET50 and ET55 Enterprise Tablet by Zebra Technologies


The ET50/ET55 offers more accessories and countless applications, allowing you the flexibility you need in an enterprise tablet. This kind of flexibility makes sure that you are getting the features you need and only those features so you can improve workforce productivity without compromising familiar consumer styling. Delivering an unsurpassed accessory ecosystem, you can choose any accessory you desire from improved length of battery life, ruggedness, scanning capabilities, and carrying options. The flexibility does not end there, you can also choose your operating system and display size to further ensure you are getting everything you need from your enterprise tablet. The ET50/ET55 provides an enterprise solution that matches elegant style with highly customizable accessories, perfect for use anywhere from the warehouse to the storefront.

Buy the MC9300 Handheld Mobile Computer by Zebra Technologies

MC9300 Handheld Mobile Computer by Zebra Technologies


The world’s best selling and most trusted enterprise mobile computer series is back with its newest handheld mobile computer – the MC9300. Although loaded with new features and abilities, the simplistic Android operating system ensures familiarity for your workers. Loaded with a larger touch display, the MC9300 provides more processing power and memory, along with better capture capabilities through the back and front cameras, exceptional scanning range, and superior direct part mark (DPA). Get the job done on a single charge with the improved battery life of the MC9300, which outlasts the older MC9200 model by nearly double. With an impressive 8 ft./2.4 m drop resistance, this ultra-rugged mobile touch computer offers the most rugged capabilities of any MC9000 Series device. Empower your workers with the best-ever WiFi capabilities that provide WorryFree, robust wireless connection. The switch has never been easier – run existing TE apps immediately out of the box for a smooth transition to Android.

Buy the TC2X Mobile Computer by Zebra TechnologiesBuy the TC2X Mobile Computer by Zebra Technologies

TC20 and TC25 Mobile Computer by Zebra Technologies


The durable TC20/25 Mobile Computer can handle the day-to-day usage with ease – no longer worry about water spills or rain, dust, extreme environments or drops to concrete floors. Painlessly take inventory all day longer with the outstanding battery but what if the battery starts running low? With the PowerPack, you will extend the battery life so you will be able to work all day without charging. Other accessories, such as the snap-on and off trigger handle, make the point-and-shoot capture of both electronic and printer barcodes even easier for your workers. And, with a user-friendly platform you virtually eliminate the learning curve. The TC20/25 pairs ultra fast wireless connections with the ability to use the mobile computer as a walkie-talkie, so you can keep in touch with your team quickly and easily. Eventually when you need to charge the device, a highly versatile charging cradle takes the struggle out of charging. The cradle can be used with the all-touch or keyboard models, with or without the PowerPack, and for the all-touch models, with or without the trigger handle or all alone.

Buy the TC52 and TC57 by Zebra TechnologiesBuy the TC52 and TC57 by Zebra Technologies

TC52 and TC57 Series Touch Computer by Zebra Technologies


The TC52 and TC57 Touch computer provides new platform and new capabilities to deliver the ultimate in enterprise-class touch computing. User experience is better than ever before – built with the experience gained creating the highly successful TC51 and TC56 Touch computers. Providing the simplicity of Android, this touch computer is loaded with all the business features needed to maximize worker productivity, while minimizing process cycle time. With advanced touchscreen technology, the TC52 and TC57 are user-friendly so you can virtually eliminate training time and adoption curves. The cutting edge does not stop there – advanced scanning technology and PRZM Intelligent Imaging capture barcodes, labels, and documents with ease. PowerPrecision+ high capacity battery delivers 14 hours of power, so your touch computer can outlast the workday with ease. Unmatched WiFi performance, centralized control of the device update process, control over access to Google Mobile Services (GMS) are some of the many features to provide you the device management capabilities to maximize device value.

Buy the TC72/TC77 Series Touch Computer by Zebra TechnologiesBuy the TC72 and TC77 Series Touch Computer by Zebra Technologies

TC72 and TC77 Series Touch Computer by Zebra Technologies


The TC72/TC77 Series touch computer provides the ultra-rugged enterprise-class all-touch computing. Equipping your workers with the best possible device to deliver the best service to your customers places you ahead of your competitors. Achieve peak efficiency with trouble-free reliability with the Android Touch Computers. The touch computer not only capitalize on simplicity and gives your workers a user-friendly experience, but it is also built to last years of the toughest everyday use and abuse. The TC72/TC77 Series Touch computer is the newest in the TC7 Series, and it does not disappoint with its new platform to offer more capabilities than ever before. Some features include advanced touchscreen technology, simple data capture for barcodes, labels, and documents, alongside enhanced WiFi range and speed and improved battery power. As a business, by empowering your workers with the best possible devices, they will be able to best support your business and give you a competitive edge.

Buy the TC8000 Touch Computer by Zebra TechnologiesBuy the TC8000 Touch Computer by Zebra Technologies

TC8000 Touch Computer by Zebra Technologies


The ground-breaking all new mobile computer revolutionizes what productivity means to your company. The TC8000 saves one more hour, per worker, per shift versus traditional form factors. Unlike any other touch computer in the industry, the TC8000 minimizes motion with an innovative scan angle so that your workers no longer have to tilt their devices thousands of times a day to see the screen. This flexible handheld and hands-free scanning increases productivity, yet another industry first. Not the mention, this TC8000 is 33% lighter to decrease worker fatigue throughout the workday. Another extraordinary feature is the integrated tool that allows you to automatically transform your legacy Terminal Emulation (TE) “green screens” into elegant, graphics-based All-touch TE screens. These All-touch TE screens are intuitive and drastically reduce the number of interactions required to complete a task, which means no coding or modifications to your host application necessary. The TC8000 ultimately means less time required to complete jobs and more productivity.

Buy the XSLATE R12 Tablet by Zebra TechnologiesXSLATE R12 Rugged Tablet by Zebra Technologies

XSLATE R12 Rugged Tablet by Zebra Technologies


The XSLATE R12 Rugged tablet is designed to be the only computer you will need – say goodbye to needing a desktop, laptop, and rugged tablet in order to excel in your field of work. This highly mobile, flexible and resilient XSLATE R12 tablet PC is the fastest rugged tablet that also offers 2-in-1 capabilities and a magnetically attached Companion Keyboard. The Companion Keyboard remains on stand-by but is never in the way. The XSLATE R12 offers an industry brightest 12.5” display and easy-to-use touch, pen, voice and camera inputs. This tablet also offers more high-performance feature options than any tablet PC in its class and is built to keep your TCO low and your ROI high, especially as mobility demands grow. Choose a mobile computer that can handle your long list of tasks that are as diverse as yours.