Honeywell MS2400 Stratos Scanner-Scale (MK2430KD-10B238)


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Honeywell’s MS2400 Stratos Scanner-Scale is a perfect solution to meet the scanning needs of high volume seated and small checkout environments. This highly efficient 5 sided; 360 degree bioptic scanner/scale increases productivity and lowers maintenance cost. A single Stratos MS2400 facilitates retailers to install only one scanner for several stores around the world. Its ability to scan high density and poor quality barcodes reduces the requirement of manual entry. Its additional features include pre-aligned optical-scanning, independent scanning planes, two analytical tools for tracking and more. Thus, MS2400 Stratos Scanner is a best buy to enhance efficiency and productivity and minimizing downtime and service cost.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 16.7 × 23.8 × 14.7 in