Intermec IF61 Enterprise Reader (IF61B10121000014)


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In order for RFID readers to do more than simply read and act as a data conduit, they need processing speed and ample memory. With the powerful combination of an Intel Celeron M 600MHz processor and up to 1 GB of optional memory, the Intermec IF61 Enterprise Reader is the smartest RFID reader available, capable of running complex RFID applications, delivering faster processing and localized intelligence. When the host system or electrical power fails, the ample storage resources, and store and forward capabilities of the IF61ensure that data won’t be lost, even in the highest tag volume environments. In fact, with the optional spinning drive installed, the IF61 can store over 6 billion EPC tags. When applications are mission critical and re-work isn’t an option, the IF61 can be counted on.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 11.2 × 17 × 6.8 in