LXE MX7CS Wireless Handheld Computer (MX7C1B1B2E1B0US)


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Based on LXE’s popular rugged MX7 handheld computer, the MX7CS is ideal for the harshest environment of all – The Cold. The MX7CS is built for your freezer and cold storage applications. Designed with key features including low-temperature batteries, specialized heaters, and conformal coating, the MX7CS unit adapts easily from the freezing temperatures of your cold-storage facility to warmer staging and dock areas – even in the hot summer months. Smooth, condensation-free transition will allow your operators to increase productivity. Operators will also appreciate the all-around functionality of the MX7CS computer, its light-weight design offers all-day comfort, while the backlit keys provide keyboard visibility in dark freezers.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9.1 × 13 × 4.2 in