Motorola FX7500 2 & 4 port Gen2 RFID fixed reader

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The success of every business depends on tracking company assets and maintaining a consistent flow of your sellable products on delivery. The more quickly you can procure, store, pick and ship products without hassles and faults, the more successful and client friendly your business will be. The new Motorola FX7500 RFID fixed reader is specifically designed to provide faster, more precise read rates and more reliable performance even in the most challenging environments. It has both 2-port and 4-port reader configurations that enhances application flexibility. Integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows Motorola FX7500 2 & 4 port Gen2 RFID fixed reader to be placed anywhere without installing additional outlets, thus perfect for operations in big open business areas.  These Fixed RFID Readers are made to fulfill RFID needs of your business and ultimately helps in expanding business capabilities.