Motorola IntelliStand


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Different models in Motorola-s IntelliStand Series turn compatible Motorola hand-held scanners into a flexible hands-free and hand-held scanning system. By placing the scanner in the IntelliStand it becomes a hands-free presentation scanner – simply bring the bar code to the scan line. Just place the scanner in the IntelliStand and it goes on and stays on; there-s no need to trigger the scanner for operation. Remove the scanner from the IntelliStand and it becomes the ideal hand-held bar code scanner. Use the scanner in the IntelliStand for small items and hang-tags. Remove it and use it in the hand-held mode for scanning bulky items. The IntelliStand Series occupies almost no counter space.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6.8 × 8.6 × 5.9 in