Motorola VC70N0 Mobile Computer


The Motorola VC70N0 Mobile Computer is the perfectly designed device for all types of material-handling vehicles. Its compressed design enhances visibility as well as worker security. It comes loaded with a big sized high-resolution display screen with abilities to function amazingly well under all lighting conditions like the warehouse aisles to the loading dock and yard. The built in advanced features on this device make it a great tool for the team workers in improving work efficiency and accuracy. The powerful VC70N0 mobile computer supports conventional Telnet to the latest browser based graphic rich applications, covering receiving, put-away, replacement, picking, packing and shipping. To improve the productivity, it carries the flexibility of customizing added options like corded or cordless bar code scanner, keyboards and a diversity of voice abilities. It offers Hi-speed Wi-Fi connectivity for superior application performance and is compatible with almost any WLAN device.