Savox BTR-155 Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone


The Savox BTR-155 Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone is an ideal accessory for your professional radio or PoC unit that accomplishes all your requirements in challenging professional scenarios. The Savox Promate BTR-155 is exceptionally strong in design and is an essential device for all types of consumers. It holds a strong design to IP55 standard and is light weight with multi function large operating buttons so that it can be conveniently used with protective gloves on. Both full duplex communication capability for normal phone calls and one-to-many push-to-talk capabilities are embedded within the Savor BTR-155 Bluetooth remote speaker microphone. Many added accessories and headsets compatible with this device enhance the usability factor as well as the cost effectiveness.

*SW configuration is necessary for every mobile OS. For detailed compatibility information, visit