TC8000 Touch Computer by Zebra Technologies


The ground-breaking all new mobile computer revolutionizes what productivity means to your company. The TC8000 saves one more hour, per worker, per shift versus traditional form factors. Unlike any other touch computer in the industry, the TC8000 minimizes motion with an innovative scan angle so that your workers no longer have to tilt their devices thousands of times a day to see the screen. This flexible handheld and hands-free scanning increases productivity, yet another industry first. Not the mention, this TC8000 is 33% lighter to decrease worker fatigue throughout the workday. Another extraordinary feature is the integrated tool that allows you to automatically transform your legacy Terminal Emulation (TE) “green screens” into elegant, graphics-based All-touch TE screens. These All-touch TE screens are intuitive and drastically reduce the number of interactions required to complete a task, which means no coding or modifications to your host application necessary. The TC8000 ultimately means less time required to complete jobs and more productivity.


  • Rugged and Ready for Your Warehouse – built to withstand multiple 8 ft./ 2.4m drops to concrete
  • Triple-shift Battery Power – largest PowerPrecision+ battery in its class provides ample power for three shifts
  • Superior Ergonomics – new scan angle increases productivity by 14% through a 55% reduction in wrist motion and 15% reduction in muscle effort
  • Mx: Making Android a More Robust Enterprise-class OS – Mobility Extensions (Mx) adds features that make Android™ more robust
  • SimulScan – allows you to capture multiple barcodes and entire forms with a single scan
  • Hands-free Proximity Scanning – the imager can be automatically triggered by the proximity sensor, whether in the hip holster, or shoulder strap, etc.
  • Advanced Barcode Scanning Options – handle all your 1D/2D scanning needs with extended range SE4850
  • Transform “Green Screens” to All-Touch Screens – No coding or host modifications required
  •  Advanced Touchscreen Technology for Flexible Data Input – workers can use a finger, a stylus, or a gloved finger to interact with apps

Additional information


233mm L x 76mm W x 64mm D


Premium: 17.6 oz./ 500 g, Standard: 17.2 oz./ 490 g


16.7 Million (24-bit) color support, 4.0", 400 NITs, Transflective LCD


6700 mAh, Li-Ion Battery, PowerPrecision+


Premium model optional: 2 GB RAM/ 16 GB Flash pSLC, Premium model: 1GB RAM/ 8 GB Flash pSLC, Standard model: 1GB RAM/ 4 GB Flash pSLC

Operating Temperature

-20.0°C to +50.0°C

Storage Temperature

-40.0°C to 70.0°C

Imager Window

Corning Gorilla Glass

Network Connection

802.11r and 802.11k for enterprise voice roaming included, Bluetooth, USB 2.0 OTG Host docking interface


Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth® Smart Technology