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Xi Series Industrial Barcode Printer
105SL+ Industrial Barcode Printer
ZT400 Industrial Barcode Printer
Barcode Printer Xi Series

Built for high-volume applications and demanding environments, the Xi series barcode label printers deliver superior print quality and reliability. Print fast with this industry leading product, and reduce your downtime with the advanced early warning system.

Barcode Printer 105SL Series

When you need reliable yet high performance label printing for your barcodes, look no further than the rugged 105SL Plus! Designed for high performance from the ground up, the 105SLPLUS features all-metal construction!

 Barcode Printer ZT400 Series

The ZT400 is designed to maintain speed and efficiency and is one of the most advanced bi-fold door, all-metal frame printers on the market. With expanded RFID capabilities, USB, Ethernet, and Bluetooth, the ZT400 can be managed from anywhere in the world.



G-Series GX Desktop Barcode Printer
G-Series GK Desktop Barcode Printer
G-Series GC420 Desktop Barcode Printer
 Barcode Printer GX Series

The G-Series GX series printer offers your business the most complete feature set. With lightning fast print speeds and print quality, the GX series barcode printer supports a wide variety of applications. The printer is easy to set up and use!

Desktop Barcode Printer: GK Series

This printer comes in two models: standard, and healthcare. Offering fast printing, and excellent feature flexibility combined with an easy to use design, the GK420 is the workhorse of many facilities that require a reliable and efficient printer with network manageability.

Barcode Printer GC420 Series

Budget oriented printing is now within your reach with the GC420. This model offers the professional quality printing your business demands but does it within any budget. The GC420 is not just any budget printer, and is designed for maximum reliability with an all-metal printhead.



ZQ500 Mobile Barcode Printer
QLN Mobile Barcode Printer
IMZ Mobile Barcode Printer
Barcode Printer ZQ500 Series

The ZQ500 is a heavy duty printer with large buttons (can be easily used with gloves on) so you can print your barcodes just about anywhere. Lightweight, compact, and extremely durable, the ZQ500 can handle repeated drops of up to 6.6 feet and has an IP54 water spray rating!

Barcode Printer QLN Series

When there is demand for a fast printer at a reasonable price, the QLN mobile printer is the perfect tool to keep your business running. Designed from the ground up to be drop resistant, this printer is perfect for warehouse and shipping operations. The QLN mobile printer quickly prints barcode labels, receipts, and even tickets!

Barcode Printer IMZ Series

If your business in on a budget, consider the IMZ series portable printer, your perfect wearable mobile printing solution. Designed with a IP42 rating, this light duty printer is easy to deploy and use, yet it still delivers outstanding performance for the price.


Additional Information

How to pick a barcode printer for your business.

Consider your printing needs. A simple way to get an idea of what kind of printer you need is to simply ask yourself how many labels are required for your business on a daily basis. Then consider where the labels will be printed. In addition, consider other printing needs such as receipt and label printing.

For example, you could be printing labels inside a warehouse for mass product shipments where the process is centralized around a single industrial printer. Or you could have many employees that require their own mobile printers to print out barcodes as needed on the fly. Just by considering your printing needs and where the printers would be used, you can narrow down your search considerably.

Types of printers.

While there are many types of printers designed for various applications, for printing barcodes you will have a choice of three main categories. Industrial, Desktop, and Mobile.

Industrial printers are the most robust, offer the best printing speeds, and are incredibly reliable. Whether you need to print ten thousand labels per day or more, industrial barcode printers offer incredible flexibility when it comes to holding large volume of media and having a choice of sizes for the output. Most industrial printers support printing sizes ranging from 0.5-inches to 8-inches wide.

Desktop printers are highly affordable for medium to smaller sized businesses, but are still used in high volume operations. The particular advantage of desktop printers is that they are simple to operate and easy to deploy for operations such as retail or medium sized warehousing.

Mobile printers are excellent for when employees need a mobile solution. Many top end models offers features such as water and drop resistance, and can work just about anywhere. Due to limited roll capacity, it is always advised that for extended deployments, carriers of mobile printers should have extra supplies in case they need them nearby.

Getting quotes for volume orders.

Simply contact us at 1.888.844.2007 (North America) and request a quote. Our dedicated sales staff will assist you with getting the best possible pricing and also answer your questions regarding device management, deployment, and warranty.