What makes Piicomm’s free QR code generator so beneficial to your corporation?

You can store even more information than you could with traditional barcode scanning capabilities. With the added two-dimensional matrix system you can store up to thousands of alphanumeric characters in each QR code. With the ability to store and hold more information and their ease of use, these codes are practical and useful for both business and consumers alike. When you create your code it can be used in brochures and other marketing materials, to link to corporate website and or social media pages with links to specific websites, video clips, and other corporate multimedia applications.

When your code is scanned by any camera-enabled mobile device you can link directly to digital content stored online and have your code programed to include additional phone functionalities such as email, IM and SMS when the mobile device is connected to an external web browser. Piicomm’s free QR code generator gives you the possibility to export and save your code as an image to be placed on packaging products, product tags, promotional ad posters, and can be printed and placed on many other products in your ecommerce store.

Feel free to create your own business QR Code for efficient and fast inventory tracking, accurate data collection, and enjoy the freedom to advertise your ecommerce store without any added cost.