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PiiComm Inc. is a Managed Mobility Services (MMS) and Software Solutions Integrator that has leveraged Samsung devices to empower organizations across a number of verticals. PiiComm’s field service solution features mobile software that optimizes Samsung Galaxy tablets to help streamline business processes that boost productivity, ensure data accuracy, lower operating costs, and enable reliable communications for on-the-go employees.

Delighting the Customer in Often Unpleasant Situations…

Automotive Roadside Assistance is a critical service for Auto Club members who find themselves stranded due to a mechanical failure. One of the largest supplier of products and services to Auto Clubs around the World asked PiiComm for some help to deliver new value-added services that the clubs offer to their 66 Million members.

Samsung Galaxy RugbyThe organization’s core business is the supply of automotive batteries, roadside assistance, automotive glass, alternators, starter motors, marketing programs and collateral and, training to motoring clubs around the globe. Their marketing programs provide the Auto Clubs with invaluable tools and services that allow the clubs to support their members and the organization continues to innovate and refine digital services and systems. Some of the services that they needed help with were focused on the interaction with the club’s member on the roadside.

PiiComm redeveloped their legacy applications which were dated and deployed them on the Android platform using the Samsung GALAXY Rugby™ Smartphone. The Samsung GALAXY Rugby™ is the perfect for the workers who want a small, lightweight mobile device that can withstand the elements. The ruggedized phone combines all of the power of a smartphone with the durability to take on any environment. We have also begun working toward enabling the application to support a deployment Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (7″ and 10″) tablets in the very near future.

PiiComm is working with the client to develop new convenience services that ultimately will help the club’s worker interact with the member. Some of the enhancements will include developing a new services app that not only provides the worker with important information about the the service call, vehicle technical data and integration with testing tools that they use on a daily basis, but will also allow electronic payments to be collected using credit cards at the roadside.

Customer focus is key to this client’s international success and keeping the customer at the forefront of everything they do helps to drive innovation and differentiate them as a Global leader.  

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Tablets Deployed for eLibrary and Entertainment for Remote Workers…

PiiComm was recently engaged by a division of the 13th largest private sector employer in the world to provide a unique solution to some challenges delivering facility support services to clients in remote sites, defence and off-shore locations around the world. Their specialty support services extend across North America, and include such facilities as drill camps, mining camps, construction camps, permanent facilities, pipeline camps, offshore, forestry camps oil & gas installations, military situations and correctional facilities.

Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.0

This specialty division provides leisure services to one of its major clients in the mining industry that provides workers at a remote mining camp with some comforts including a Library. However this Library will rely on digital media to satisfy the needs of the workers including multimedia, the latest newsstand content and electronic games. Creating an e-Library not only saves the cost of acquiring and shipping hardcopy content to an extremely remote location, it can provide the content in a very timely manner. something that wasn’t often possible or practical to do previously.

PiiComm Inc., a Managed Mobility Services (MMS) and Software Solutions Integrator assisted ESS with the task of assessing their requirements in detail and finding the most appropriate platform to deliver the content. After reviewing the capabilities of leading tablet manufacturers, it was determined that the Pilot and Proof of Concept would be done using ten (10) Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (7″) tablets.

Some of the key criteria when selecting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 included:

  1. its size and form factor
  2. its capabilities, speed and storage
  3. the extended Mobile Device Management (MDM) control and feature sets only available through Samsung
  4. the Android OS environment for ease of development

Due to the remote location of the Mining camp, PiiComm was presented some additional challenges for project; namely the very limited access to the Internet. PiiComm created a custom user interface deliver a simple way for the workers to access the content of their choice effectively turning the tablet into a task-specific device that also stores the content and applications locally.

Now that the Proof of Concept and Pilot phases of the project are deemed a success, PiiComm will be focussing on Phase II of the project that includes providing the client with the ability to manage content and applications on the tablets, and the design and implementation a physical security solution using embedded RFID technology to track and prevent the tablets from leaving the library unnoticed.

The ongoing deployment and support of the solution will be provided by PiiComm’s Managed Mobility Services. The client plans to deploy hundreds of tablets going forward to support their client’s workers and provide them with some of the comforts of home.

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