Windows CE approaching End of Life and recommended migration path

As you may have heard, Microsoft has announced that they will be ending support of their legacy mobile operating systems. What does this mean for your handheld devices currently running Windows CE? It means a need to digitally transform to a new operating system ready to handle not only the enterprise needs of today but more importantly, the enterprise needs of tomorrow.

Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded CE Support End Dates
Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded CE Support End Dates

Android: the new gold standard in enterprise operating systems

As the end of support for legacy Windows mobile operating systems looms closer, organizations have increasingly shifted towards Android as the operating system of choice to address enterprise needs. As Android has matured, Google has now introduced a new initiative named Android Enterprise which is a framework of capabilities that make the use of Android in the workplace both secure and highly capable. Furthermore, Google has also outlined specific requirements for their manufacturing partners to meet in order to be certified as Android Enterprise ready and assuring that these devices will meet the stringent demands of mobile devices in the workplace.

Android Enterprise Ready Mobile Device

Migrating terminal emulation applications over to Android:

Example of Android Terminal Emulation for Legacy Enterprise Application

Although Android has emerged as the operating system of choice for organizations migrating from Windows mobile, a further consideration needing to be addressed is how you will bring you Windows applications over to a newer operating system.

Luckily, in the case terminal emulation (green text) applications, emulation applications exist to make this transition painless and allows you to run your existing applications on your new Android devices without the need to rewrite a single line of code.

PiiComm is here to help

If you haven’t already, now is the time to begin planning your move to the next generation in enterprise mobile operating systems. Thankfully, organizations such as PiiComm are here to help ease this transition and provide the knowledge, skills, software, and technology to help organizations such as yours to digitally transform towards an Android future.

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