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PiiComm provides and manages scalable wireless barcode scanner solutions. We take pride by selling on the highest quality products which pass rigorous industry benchmark tests. For nearly a decade, PiiComm has worked with the Transportation & Logistics industry, Field Service workers, Manufacturers, Government agencies and Healthcare providers.  

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Motorola Wireless Barcode Scanner


Zebra CS1504 Wireless Barcode Scanner

A Compact and light weight consumer grade wireless scanner that easily fits into a pocket or purse! This Zebra scanner can scan virtually any type of barcode, including codes from catalogs, to create product lists of up to 150 items. Users can view their lists in web view, or delete the list with a click of a button.

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Motorola Wireless Barcode Scanner DS3578


Zebra DS3578 Wireless Rugged Barcode Scanner

This Omni-directional 1D/2D imager scanner features a 624 MHz processor, and can also scan direct part marks called DPMs. With an easy to hold grip handle, this scanned can be used in easily in most business environments. The electronics inside offer Zebra reliability for prolonged industrial applications.

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Motorola Wireless Barcode Scanner DS6878-DL


Zebra DS6878-DL Wireless 2D Barcode Scanner

This slightly more advanced Barcode scanner captures all 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes. One of the unique features of the DS6878-DL model, is that it can scan barcodes from mobile smartphone displays. In addition, the included Driver’s License parsing system allows government and other agencies to quickly decode driver license information.

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Motorola Wireless Barcode Scanner DS6878-HC


Zebra DS6878-HC  2D Image Wireless Barcode Scanner

Specifically designed for healthcare deployment in hospitals and private clinics, the Zebra DS6878-HC is the workhorse of simplifying day to day operations of medical staff. With a robust feature set, this scanner automates key data input which increases productivity and reduces errors.

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Motorola Wireless Barcode Scanner DS3578


Zebra DS6878-SR Wireless 2D Barcode Scanner

Zebra’s DS6878-SR delivers high-speed cordless reading of 1D, 2D, and PDF417 barcodes on labels and smartphone displays. It combines Bluetooth technology with the ability to utilize a computer USB port for power when needed. This unit is often the choice of many businesses due to its affordability and long lasting electronics.

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Motorola Wireless Barcode Scanner LI4278


Zebra LI4278 Wireless Linear Imager Barcode Scanner

The LI4278 by Zebra is a high security, fully encrypted Bluetooth capable scanner system for reading 1D barcodes. With a robust casing system that can survive most drops, and a long battery life, workers are able to use this unit in for long hours in warehouse, airport, and other environments where dust and moisture are common.

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Motorola Wireless Rugged Scanner LS3578-ER


Zebra LS3578-ER Wireless Rugged Barcode Scanner

One of Zebra’s top models, the LS3578-ER Bluetooth 1D scanner has the ability to read labels as far away as fourty-five feet, and also as close as four inches. This unit is perfect for high paced workplaces. It features an ergonomic grip for prolonged use, and a one-hundred and fifty foot wireless operational range.

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Motorola Wireless Rugged Scanner LS3578-FZ


Zebra LS3578-FZ Wireless Rugged Barcode Scanner

Not all scanners are made the same. Zebra’s super heavy duty LS3578-FZ unit is designed to work in any type of operational environment. It features full drop protection, a one-hundred and fifty foot range, and fuzzy logic digital imaging technology for reading dusty or worn out 1D barcode labels.

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Additional Information

About Wireless Scanners

Barcode scanners are the daily tool of many manufacturing and shipping environments. There are quite a number of various scanners, but the most popular barcode scanners are the wireless and rugged models. Adding both flexibility and mobility to any barcode scanning application, wireless scanners ensure that your business is running at full speed no matter what industry you are in.

PiiComm sells consumer and rugged grade barcode scanners manufactured by Zebra Technologies with full wireless capability. These advanced barcode scanners and imagers are designed to read any type of 1D and 2D barcode label. Units range from short range to long range (as far as 45ft) and offer legendary Zebra reliability.

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