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How Wireless Barcode Scanners Provide Data That’s Not Just Quantitative—It’s Qualitative

When it was first introduced, the barcode label offered the promise of revolutionizing data collection.  It was now possible to streamline what had been up until then an entirely manual task. What was not immediately envisioned was that it would still be offering possibilities beyond inventory and point-of-sale. From the wireless barcode scanner revolutionizing the warehouse, to barcode printers in hospitals and pharmacies, this simple method of data encoding is as useful now as ever despite the rapid advancement of technology.

Now, as more and more businesses push for increased visibility in all aspects of their operations, the barcode is valuable.  With increased visibility of their operations, a business can find new and better ways to do things.

Supply Chain Management and Shipment Trails

Workers in the shipping and logistics industries are very familiar with how a wireless barcode scanner fits into their workflow.  This involves scanning items at intake, whether along the supply chain or at checkpoints on a parcel’s path to its final destination. But having an accurate and quickly-accessible “digital trail” of an item’s progress offers a number of incredibly valuable insights. It can identify weak points and blockages in a supply chain, turning a disadvantages into opportunities for improvement. This trail is also useful in international shipping, particularly in scenarios where customs wants see its full path from origin to destination.

Quality over Quantity

There will always be some who believe that having more is better, regardless of how valuable that “more” really is. But qualitative information is always more valuable to how a business continues to operate. When you create shipping labels from your printer, you are creating opportunities to collect data that is  quantitative and qualitative data as well. Where are some opportunities to improve, as mentioned above? This data collection is about taking static information like facts and figures and turning it into an actionable insights.

With all that the barcode has done for us so far, it’s exciting to imagine the advances of the future. From the checkout aisle of a grocer’s to the scanners issued to transport trucks, to the printers in medical buildings, the possibilities are limited only by our creativity.

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