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Who is PiiComm?

Established in 2007, PiiComm has grown to be Canada’s largest managed mobility services provider.

We exist to simplify the managing, scaling and protecting of an organization’s mobile IT assets. In other words, we make enterprise mobility management easy. PiiComm delivers on this promise through its five core services: Strategic Sourcing, Staging & Deployment, Lifecycle Management, MDM as a Service (MDMaaS) and Secure Decommissioning

Companies across Canada choose PiiComm to keep pace with rapid technology advancements, expanding mobile workforces, and ever-present security threats.

Our Story

The name PiiComm is a nod to what inspired our three founders to first establish this company in 2006: to empower organizations with the infinite (the Greek letter “π” or Pi) possibilities of mobile communications (“comm”).

It’s also a metaphor for how we aspire to run our company. Just like Pi goes infinitely, a long-standing business must continue to grow and expand over time. And just as Pi is intrinsic to many different areas of mathematics and science, our managed mobility services must deliver exceptional value to our customers across various industries and markets so the that they too become intrinsic.

Leadership team

Shawn Sicard


Rick Robillard


Shawn Winter


Adam Nicol


Julie Harrison

Vice President of Marketing


2023 Leader in Sustainability by Call2Recycle / Appel à Recycler Canada

Eastern Ontario's Fastest Growing Companies in 2023

CITT Endorsed Business Partner

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2012 Motorola Empower Circle Award

Managed mobility services. It's all we do.

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