Enterprise Mobility Solutions from PiiComm

Enterprise mobility solutions from PiiComm empower organizations in the field services, government, retail, manufacturing/warehousing, transportation, and healthcare markets. PiiComm designs and implements solutions that connect mobile computers, printers, and data collection devices, such as RFID readers and barcode scanners, to enterprise information systems.  The solutions feature hardware and software from leading vendors to optimize and streamline business processes that boost productivity, ensure data accuracy, lower operating costs, and enable reliable communications for on-the-go employees. Future benefits are assured by the company’s high-touch Mobile Service Desk customer support.


How We Do It

PiiComm Enterprise Mobility provides you with results, fast. Our entire working philosophy always come back to what works best for – the customer (that’s you), your customers (that’s them) and our employees (that’s us). We build profitable relationships between you and your customers.

How we work, how we organize ourselves, how we solve problems, how we project manage – all of that is done with you in mind. I’m sure you’ve heard countless stories of enterprise mobility solution providers telling you that they are customer centric, full spectrum service providers, customer focused and all these other lovely marketing buzzwords. I wish there was a word (and believe me, we’ve looked high and low for it) that would communicate how passionate we are about our business, which is – in a round about way, your business. We love it. We love mobile technology – we love implementing it and we love hearing our customers sing our praises because of the numerous benefits it provides.

Perhaps it’s in our DNA. When you choose PiiComm Enterprise Mobility – you really do get more and that more comes from our unique team of people who love doing what they do. We spend time where it counts. When you hire these types of people – you get more. When you run into a problem, we find a resolution fast. Something takes a bit extra time – we don’t nickel & dime. You need innovation or just some plain old advice – we will talk to you about mobility solutions until you tell us to go away.

We take great pride in who we are, and so will you. Don’t take it from us, read what our customers are saying about us.

Now that you’ve read our corporate description, let’s get a bit more personal.

When PiiComm was founded, it was about creating a company with the right people and processes that were designed to execute flawlessly around what we call “highly concerted efforts”.  This is our differentiator – this is what makes us unique.  Our bottom line is that we get results for you.  We implement leading edge enterprise mobility solutions to mobilize your processes, empower your workforce and optimize your results.  By hiring us, you get positive results on all fronts – productivity, efficiency and profit.

Now back to those concerted efforts – we pay particular attention to the detail in how we implement our enterprise solutions and how we interact with both prospects and customers.  For instance, when you call our office, you get a human being that actually answers the phone (crazy, eh).  Most of the time, that will be Salyna, sometimes Adam and sometimes the Chief himself.  The point is we like talking to people and so we make sure we are available. Ditto goes for emailing us.

If you require quotes, additional training or just a 101 on enterprise mobility, we’ll do that for you.  Free of charge.  We might even throw in lunch.  We want to hear about your business.  We are genuinely interested in you and your business.  We’ll give you some tips that can make your work life easier, show you how to present ROI to your team members or the boss.  We’ll provide you with real examples of mobility gains and even connect you with customers that have already implemented one of our solutions.   If you decide to move forward with us – we will be thrilled.  If now is not the time, we’ll part ways and you will still be invited to our summer BBQ.

During the design and implementation phase of your project, you will receive dedicated resources – not just one but several. You see, over at PiiComm Enterprise Mobility – every time a new client comes on board we gather up specific team members and describe the project and assign responsibilities.  The left hand always knows what the right hand is doing.  We communicate on the inside as much as we communicate on the outside.  We also manage projects with you in mind.  For instance, if you need a detailed WBS of your project – you will get one.  If you require us to input into your project schedule – just let us know.  If you need data weekly or monthly – that option is yours.  This is your solution and it is designed to make your work life easier.  You may even call with adhoc requests from time to time – you know that last minute presentation that needs to go up to the big boss – you need numbers and you need them fast.  We get it, we’ve been there before – just ask us.  We’re here to help in all the little detailed ways that make a big difference.

Your experience with PiiComm will be different.  Different, in the best way possible.  You get more when you choose PiiComm’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions.

To contact one of our PiiComm Enterprise Mobility Experts, call (888) 844-2007.