Lifecycle Management

Maintain visibility and control over your fleet
of IT assets.

Congratulations, you’ve got your new mobile devices out in users’ hands! With Day 1 complete, how confident are your Operations and IT teams in handling Day 2?

Lifecycle management, when handled internally, can often result in downtime and a drag on overall productivity. Common challenges include:

  • Lack of visibility and control over devices once deployed, with inaccurate device assignments.
  • Multiple FTEs required to handle repair management and logistics proves costly and inefficient.
  • Dealing with multiple manufacturers, all with different warranty programs and processes.
  • No centralized tool for Operations, IT and Management to use for up-to-date tracking and monitoring of devices.

Imagine never having to deal with Day 2 issues? With PiiComm as your partner, you won’t have to.

You're in great company.

When downtime is not an option.

When a device fails, PiiComm understands the follow-on impact this can have on your organization’s operations. Our tested and streamlined processes empower you with:

  • In-country customer support desk and central cloud-based portal with all data and activity visible to customers 24/7.
  • A ‘hot spare’ pool of devices, managed on your behalf, so a functioning device can be deployed immediately to replace the broken one.
  • Certified, trained technicians at the ready to diagnose, assess warranty status, and get a defective device up and running as soon as possible.
  • Precise inventory tracking and monitoring, even for non-assetized assets such as styluses and cases.
  • Spare in the air/hot spare, managing the spare pool

Day 2 is challenging, but at PiiComm, we love handling its complexity and exceeding our customers expectations.

Managed mobility services. It’s all we do.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. PiiComm has in place the trained staff, tools, and processes required to handle even the most complex of MACs quickly and precisely.

PiiComm provides customers with an intuitive online portal that shares real-time information on all IT assets. This data can include the location assignments of all devices and accessories in the field, spare inventory, warehouse levels, and role-based access controls.

PiiComm understands the impact on productivity for any device failure and has an efficient and well-tested repair management process that meets all agreed upon customer service level agreements (SLAs). The two most common support options for device failures are Advance replacement or Replacement upon receipt.

Yes. PiiComm provides SIM card management as a standard component of our lifecycle management services. We will receive all SIM cards on behalf of our customers, record SIM card information and then securely store cards in a physical and virtual inventory. PiiComm also has integrated processes to ensure that no device is sent to an OEM repair center with a SIM card.