How Your Business Can Save Money on Enterprise Asset Management

Save Both Time and Money Using a Barcode Generator

Using a barcode generator for enterprise asset management will help eliminate the costs of manually counting inventory, and will prove to be a valuable investment.

How Can Barcode Generators Support Enterprise Asset Management?

Instead of keeping a list of individual products that is centrally located, mobile solutions such as barcode generators, scanners, and printers enable enterprise asset management. They accomplish this by helping you manage your inventory, no matter the location.

Barcodes are extremely versatile and efficient. They are capable of collecting a wide range of data from prices to quantity, or other details related to inventory. They can also transfer the information automatically. However, as they are often on physical stock, a business owner might be concerned that updating the information stored within a barcode will be difficult to do. Enterprise asset management makes it much easier and less costly to re-design and update barcodes, even from a remote location. An on-site label printer can then produce the updated barcode, and the product can then be immediately re-labelled. This prevents the need to send the product back to the central location, saving considerable time and money.

Eliminating Human Error

When doing routine inventory, UPC codes or other item identifier codes on product labels are often entered manually. This results in a much higher risk of human error. A barcode generator will help streamline your business by creating individual barcodes. These can be easily scanned into and out of inventory by a machine, thus removing the majority of opportunities for human error.

Mobile Enterprise Asset Management

Say you are a large comic book distributor, for instance, and most of your products are transported over large distances. These products will be sold by smaller retailers in other locations. Any error in inventory would require  the physical stock to be re-counted or re-labelled. This will incur the additional shipping and handling costs that come with enterprise asset management. A barcode generator that is updated from the central location, used in conjunction with a label printer, facilitates the remote updating of products that have already been shipped. This significantly reduces the standard costs of correcting the error in inventory.