Efficient and Secure Enterprise Mobility Management

Mobile devices for enterprise mobility management

Enterprise Mobility Management Provides Broader Control Than Mobile Device Management Solutions

With the tremendous shift to mobile devices especially personal devices that employees take home at the end of the day to be more efficient and secure. The expansion to enterprise mobility management provides broader control and management for mobile devices and stationary devices (i.e. desktop computers).

Enterprise mobility management addresses the many mobility and network needs of an organization by providing specific mobility solutions. These include:

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Organizations are more frequently using mobile applications for devices in their networks. They also develop applications for their customers to use. Mobile application management covers app development, a virtual marketplace, comprehensive security policies, and analysis of application metrics and metadata.

Mobile Content Management

With the ubiquity of BYOD trends, it is important to separate and secure company content on employee devices. Enterprise mobility management ensures that company information is separate  from personal information on mobile devices. Even better: in the event of a security breach, data can be wiped or checked remotely without affecting the user’s side of the device.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

The management of all devices on an organization’s network is an integral part of enterprise mobility management. With mobile device management, details of each device on the network are summarized and available to management. Mobile device management allows for quick and efficient access to devices for device enrollment, configuration, and removal.

Mobile E-mail Management (MEM)

To ensure that e-mails accessed on an organization’s network are secure, mobile email management can add filters and configuration settings on mobile devices. These secure email settings are enabled while employees are using the organization’s network with their mobile devices.

Mobile Security Management (MSM)

Enterprise mobility management also provides efficient security management for all aspects of an organization’s mobile network. This provides greater control over the security options for applications, content, devices, e-mail, networks, and users, especially following the growth of BYOD initiatives.

From mobile app development to managing and securing all devices, enterprise mobility management meets the different needs of today’s mobile-friendly workplace.


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