Enterprise Mobility Trends In 2016

High Growth In Several Areas Including BYOD

Let’s analyse the current scenario of enterprise mobility and see what we can expect from Enterprise Mobility 2016:

The need to adopt newer architectures

Mobile as a concept has become a crucial part of businesses and IT strategy. To gain competitive advantage, businesses are required to leverage latest tools, technologies and methodologies. And adopting mobile-first approach is one of them. Mobility is enabling these businesses to easily incorporate and integrate with the multiple systems. These include: IoT, cloud services, javascript, SaaS, PaaS and other evolving technologies that are rapidly changing.

Rapid increase in the integration of Cloud technology

Cloud technology has emerged at a rapid rate, thus there is a greater efficiency and scalability between the existing IT systems and mobile devices. By leveraging cloud technology, business will get more sophisticated solutions, software, programming solutions and services. And, this increase in cloud technology is enabling smaller and bigger to play an emerging role in the market.

The role of IoT

In 2016, mobile enterprises will still determine how emerging technology like Internet of Things (Iot) can make their work processes and cards more efficient.  In addition thye want to understand how can they be integrated to make their business more efficient and part of their digital strategy. Since, IoT has not become so popular among businesses and is still a slow approach to IoT. That’s why a very low percentage of companies are really applying an IoT- centric solutions in their businesses strategy. Although, Internet of Solutions is still in a nascent stage, thus businesses will make a shift towards configuring how IoT can be useful in numerous business challenges and how such innovations can drive company’s success.

The effect of BYOD

As we discussed that enterprise mobility is touching all the organizations be it big, mid-sized and small. The reason behind this change is – there has been a wide range of smartphones as well as rapid increase in the acceptability of BYOD. The term BYOD i.e. Bring Your Own Device means that users can bring their own personal mobile devices at offices and on-site for fulfilling their business purposes.

Enterprise Mobility and Security

Enablement of Enterprise mobility in their processes means more need of secured and networked hardware. Thus, we need to make more secured system and processes to stop data from breaching. However, there are various solutions including Server Hosted Virtual Desktop (SHVD) but these methods can often slow down the company’s productivity. Thus, an effective and secured solutions are required to enable enterprise mobility efficiently.

Enterprise mobility has become an essential and inevitable part of organizations to smoothen dev ops. And, as modern enterprises are becoming more consumer-centric, need for implementing Enterprise mobility strategy and micro-services has become crucial.

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