Examples of Mobile Application Management

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How Mobile App Development and Management Creates Exciting New Opportunities

With the growing presence of mobile devices in the workforce—and the similarly growing usefulness of these devices—mobile app development has become a cornerstone of efficient business solutions. A program that is useable in the field  to meet the specific demands of an industry, vertical, or task empowers workers. It also frees them from old restrictions that are quickly becoming antiquated. And with the development of more  functional, work-oriented apps, mobile application management also becomes a necessity. When people are using mobile devices to handle sensitive information , the ability monitor, track, and manage application usage and authorization is important.  As is making sure security updates are applied on time, every time—is indispensable to corporate security.

Mobile Management in Practice

Consider a hypothetical company, for the sake of illustrating effective asset management. They want to get on board with enterprise mobility, but they need to do so with great care and forethought. They have acquired the best devices and sourced secure enterprise applications—everything is ready to deploy. But before they can deploy it, they need to know that they can receive real-time insights into the status of their mobile assets. A mobile app development specialist provides them with exactly the tool to do so.

This new mobile application management platform comes in the form of an intuitive web portal. This portal can be accessed from any internet-capable device.  It doesn’t matter if it’s in a centralized location or on the go but does require  the correct login credentials. From the portal, a company is able to view mobile device management data. This includes the status of devices, their location, which devices are in for repair, and the service history of each one. For improved functionality, however, the truly comprehensive service goes beyond device management. This provides  application management services: app authorization and usage tracking. It also supports security features such as remote locking and remote data wiping, and more. This allows a company to not just see where and when their devices are being used, but how they are being used, and how secure they are.

Benefits to Mobile Application Management

With a functional application management platform in place, a number of benefits and opportunities will present themselves to a mobile-savvy company. Chiefly, the opportunity to streamline and make processes more efficient is an incredible asset. By monitoring mobile usage, a company can get a clear picture of what challenges their workforce is facing.  They can see what roadblocks are popping up, and how to make the journey from A to B more effortless. This data drives further mobile app development—allowing more work to get done with less downtime and fewer complications.